Here's a half-hour megamix of 600 songs from the 1990s

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Nostalgia is a helluva drug, but this was pretty great.


I have it running in the background because I can’t watch right now, but I could tell the moment it switched to 1994

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How about some blursed mashups?

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I was all excited when this popped up in the YouTube feed yesterday, but that excitement was quickly dashed when I realized this wasn’t anything new. It’s his 90s mixes combined in to one video.

Don’t get me wrong, the mixes are still awesome, with the 1986 mix being the absolute best.


I generally don’t like these because I end up focusing on how the songs are distorted in pitch or speed to fit with another song.

Gotta say though, the Whitney Houston/Radiohead moment was pretty awesome.

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I was thinking to my self “This is pretty good, but it is very US-centric” then it got to 1995, and I guess that was the British invasion (again)?

Intense nostalgia-bait for someone who grew up in the 90’s .

Lawdy I couldn’t last 10 seconds into that crap!

And of course Aphex Twin, Orbital, Future Sound of London, Plastikman, The Orb, and so much more wonderful music from then!

And Bjork!


The mix did include bits from Aphex Twin, Orbital and the Orb, plus some Chemical Brothers, Mr Oizo Fatboy Slim, Portishead and Massive Attack etc.
Electronica got a representative showing imo.


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