Newly digitized mixtapes from 80s and 90s club DJs


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Will BB be selling mix tapes in the store? Where is @beschizza Safe Opening mixtape series?


Oh, man, I loved those memorex tapes… still have some demo songs by my friend’s band still on those…


11 months of complete silence punctuated by occasional hours-long audio of tumblers whirring and metal clanking, ending in 30 seconds of drilling.


I’ve had dates like that.



Mix in a northern European lady whispering train schedules and you’ve got yourself the next ASMR hit!


holy crap that site is good. i’ve been listening to a Pleasuredome mix from 1994 and I AM IN HEAVEN.


Is there a happy, laughing, pervy badum-tish gif?


And if you want to listen to what the swedish techno DJ’s played at their raves in the 90’s just listen to this swedish mixtape archive.


I am particularly enjoying this one. Can you download stuff from there if you create an account? Cos that needs to come in the car with me.


Just pull out your tape deck and record it


This is a freaking amazing treasure trove.

I was only at the EndUp once in the mid-90s. Now I can remember what it sounded like.


This should work.


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