Magic of the mixtape


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I love mix tapes. I inherited that joy from my dearly departed Dad. I’m going through his mix tapes from the late 70’s to see what they contain. I’m blogging about them here: Doyle’s Mixtapes


In my adolescence, the mix tape was a crucial component of the courtship ritual.

If your mix tapes were not compatible, the relationship was over before it began.


That’s terrific, doylee!!!

I have been known to keep my playlists to a clean 45 minutes, and make believe there is a Maxell XLIII involved.


I had friends once that thought it acceptable for the last song on a side to run out of tape.

We no longer speak.


Ah! I was just complaining to my brother about the mindset of mixtapes vs the mindset of “playlists” (at least how people use them on Spotify).

Spotify kept asking me if I wanted to the playlist to shuffle! Why would I want it to shuffle when I just spent all of that time and care building it in the order it’s in? I can’t believe there are people that dump songs into playlists all higgledy-piggledy with no plan or narrative arc or anything… What’s the point in that?


The mixtape is dead! Long live the mixtape! I love beats music over spotify and pandora for the exact reason - it reminds me of the era of mixtapes. Before road trips with friends I stayed up all night making the perfect set of tapes, frequently ended up sleeping in the car while we went anywhere. Now I use minidiscs to record mixtapes, but they are so hard to share - nobody has players.

This is art-school grade circle jerking. The author seems to conflate the words “mixtape” and “mix tape”. Mixtapes are not an alternative to releasing albums, they are a way of artists exploring their music and sharing it with fans in an informal way that leaves them more creatively open because you can’t easily get sued for using an uncleared sample if you’re giving the mix away for free. Notice that all the people he quotes who have actually researched the matter use “mix tape” not"mixtape".

In fact, my credit card is designed to look like a mixtape.

Pass me the fucking bucket you insufferable hipster.

PS: I miss it’s on but without the mp3s, so you might be able to track them down using the filenames but MAN was this a great resource for pomo mixtapes.

Because they like those songs but don’t particularly care about play order?

I am a strange creature music-wise, though. I hate streaming on principle… all those wasted bits flying across teh interwebs to be played once and discarded. Storage is so impossibly cheap these days that you could fit anyone’s entire music collection on a couple of drives. Also, I have faith in the musicians I like to choose the order for me. I’m much more likely to just put on an album and let it play out than pick and choose songs.

THIS. This forever.

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