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Now I wish I still had that tape a friend of mine titled “Varyus Musaks”, which was my introduction to “alternative” music. I thought that “alternative” came to be overused, even though I couldn’t think of a better way to describe a collection that included Tracy Chapman and the Cocteau Twins.


Ah…Game Theory. Whoever made that one was my type of person.

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Wow this is incredible. Giving me nostalgia and an aging-complex all at once. I feel like this is a peek at Mixtapes of the Now from the Wayback Machine. Ugh but I cringe at the poor audio quality of a cassette tape.

I would love to see the playlists of some of the non-album ones. “Living With A Family Who Hates Rock & Roll,” sounds especially intriguing.

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I am so going through the boxes in the attic next weekend…
Oh, and all the really good mixes were on TDK SA90 tapes.


Oh, the pre-TPB pirating days: buy an album at record store, take home and tape onto 90 minute tape, adding other tracks if space allowed, create cassette box art, return open album to record store and get money back minus $1. Play, rinse, repeat

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Several years ago I sold off a giant block of cassette tapes on eBay. It was a mix of punk rock and metal tapes, with a big bunch of duped stuff like what was in the photo. The guy who bought them told me he was collecting props for some film called “The Wrestler” which I hadn’t heard of at that point.

I watched the movie but there’s only one batch of cassette tapes visible in the whole thing and none of them were identifiable as mine. Alas.

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I still have a fair number of these albums on my ipod.

I so old. :frowning:

A friend in Mexico made himself a large collection of mix-tapes but had not yet perfected his English skills, I clearly remember a couple of titles:

• On Cutting The Edge Of Rock
• Hard Songs In Soft Times

I’m amazed… that’s one of my bands on a cassette there, Area. And in really great company, too. Thanks for my making my day/week/month/possibly year even.


Ah, sweet memories, plus so much taste is lost in how we experience music online. You are welcome to try http://tape.ly and let us know of your comments; we are trying to bring sentiment back to music online (disclaimer: I’m an investor).

This could so totally be my collection twenty years ago.

Ah, TDK SA90s. Bought them in bulk. Technics, Shure, Teac, 'Cuda, Pioneer, Sparkomatic, Zeppelin!

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If it makes your day again, I wasn’t kidding about having a bunch of these records on my ipod. Among them is Between the Purple and Pink.

I found this picture on the internet last year. Whoever’s tapes these are had great taste

I like “Hard Songs In Soft Times”.

Awesome! Two days in a row. How do we keep this thread alive? But mainly - thank you!

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