Psychedelic hero Alexander Shulgin nearing death


Absolute, proper mad scientist of the good kind. Shame.

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Good luck and godspeed on your next journey.

If anyone is curious, VICE did a good interview and visit to his lab a few years back:


Respect and love.

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So sad that we’re losing yet another pioneer who is living proof that you can eat your bodyweight in brugs and still make more sense than the average human.

Go and download Dirty Pictures - an amazing and inspiring documentary on the dude’s life.[Shulgin_Movie]


I have a lot of respect for Alexander Shulgin. I also have a lot of respect for my local video store (yes they stock the title) so I’ll be renting from them. Pirate Bay? Seriously?


The world’s about to get just a bit less courageous.


Your local what?


Ha. I know. We’ve got these shops too that sell these crazy vinyl discs with grooves in them that make sound when you rotate them against a needle.

I know teapot has already stated his opinion on such matters, but I’d rather give a few dollars to those who would produce or distribute a documentary on this inspired individual that a lot of people haven’t heard of.


Godspeed, Sasha.


I think certain psychedelic drugs can give one different ways to think about our demise. Sometimes giving us insights that end up giving us comfort. There’s no stopping it, so embracing it in some way might be the best thing.


I’m sure the video shop owners are grateful for your cash. In reality they’re the only ones getting it. The DVD has been purchased, the producers already got their cut of the disc you’re renting.

Then there’s the question of libraries and timing. If a DVD is available from my library is it any less ethical to download it than to borrow it? How so? Also worth pointing out that when this documentary was released there was a period of a couple months where you could watch the doco in full for free on the documentary producer’s website. How would taking a screencap of the film from there and watching it later differ from taking a copy from thepiratebay?

I applaud your commitment to paying creators for their work, but I’d recommend reconsidering where and how you make that happen. Renting this from the DVD store doesn’t help anyone but the DVD store owner. No change in exposure for the topic, no change in view count or ranking of the DVD and certainly no change in financial or social situation for the Shulgins. You’re better off buying a copy of TiHKAL and PiHKAL if you want to send your cash to these great humans and to spread awareness of this exceptional man.

I do not applaud your self-righteous anti-piracy screed since me pointing people to where they can get the doco for free unarguably increases popular awareness of the Shulgins far more than telling people to rent the DVD.


He’s inspired a lot of people to become and remain chemists, and these people do useful, world improving work during the day so that they can perfect PiHKaL in the evenings… A true hero and a visionary of our time whose influence can’t properly be measured


Do you know if the Vice video is on youtube anywhere or downloadable anywhere? I love Vice but am having trouble with that player from my location.

He was a personal hero and I’ve read his books numerous times. He will be remembered and missed.

Local video store?

looks like the whole film is on YouTube

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Many good points, and I’m glad to see you actually do care. I know none of my money actually would make it back to the Shulgins. For me, it’s more a matter of supporting a model where someone was encouraged to purchase the work in the beginning. I do have a well worn copy of PiHKAL and will purchase the other work when I get a chance. Getting off my soapbox and out of the way now…

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I was just simply amazed that people still had video stores.