Today is the 74th anniversary of Albert Hofmann's first LSD trip


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I’m tripping right now!


Shroom season will be upon us again.


Welp. Guess I have to add something to my calendar for next year.


Happy Birthday, LSD!!


Hollywood had its first acid trip in '43 too.


Psilocybin saved my life–possibly physiologically, definitely psychologically and (dare I say the word) spiritually. It opened my heart to everyone. Which is probably why my social circle now includes both someone who was Christian homeschooled and whose 2012 presidential preference was Rick Santorum and someone who modeled protein folding while moonlighting as a go-go dancer.

Do shrooms. It’s not just good for ya, it’s good for everyone.


I can’t believe that the headline wasn’t “Flashback! LSD turns 74!”

I admire your restraint.


I tell people this now and again. The responses are sometimes incredulous, but often as not I get nods of agreement


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