Video: "My first acid trip was with strangers in Cambodia"

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Right on the heels of an article yesterday about a music synthesizer which had buttons and knobs laced with LSD in the 60s. It sat in a university closet for years. An employee pulls it out to give it a polish and gets an unintended 9 hour acid trip.


Why not? What could go wrong with such a plan?


Adventure is the soup for your soul, the LSD don’t hurt ya none neither.


14 at a carnaval


My first time was at 16 or 17. On a closed logging road in Oregon. Found a spot where a river split around some land to make a little island. Was an absolutely amazing day with friends.

Not about acid but still a favorite immersion into another persons trip.


I’m too much of a lightweight – managing a psychedelic experience around strangers seems a bit fraught. I don’t even enjoy smoking pot in a public setting.

I’m also a snob. I don’t think LSD and shrooms or any of the classic psychedelics are anything one should trivialize as a “party drug”. Now as a middle aged suburban dad, I simply get so much more out of the experience than I did when I was younger.

I get such a hoot out of it.

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It’s so humorous to hear non-initiates talk about people having an acid trip, isn’t it?

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(Mind)set and setting, amateurs.


About 4 days ago I was walking through Chinatown in San Francisco in the rain late at night discussing the history of the merry Pranksters and the LSD trips on the way from City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvio on the way to noisebridge hackerspace.

It’s funny how I see this just a couple days later and what an epic read. I would never have guessed such a rare legend ends up being true!

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Wow, we have the same haunts. I for one am glad the rain has finally stopped so I can go back to lurking the alleyways of north beach after dark.

It sounds like they just needed to ease their paranoia a little. It’s a little sad that there was noone in or out of their group to advise them to chill and go with the flow.

That area is beautiful - fireworks on the beaches at sunset and a perfect setting for a LSD trip. My main memory of the place is some local cops attempting to extort some cash. I believe girlfriend and I were pulled over during a tropical downpour for “having a motorcycle light on during the day”. In the end I was happy to part with some cash for that “offence” rather than call their bluff and have them discover my pre-rolled joints under the seat!

It’s no wonder people here don’t have much respect for the tourists. As my wife likes to say. “Stoopid barang…” You really don’t want to end up in a Thai or Cambodian prison. I have had relatives do time prisons in both countries, they are no joke. We had to visit them monthly to bring food (you will likely die if your family doesn’t bring you food or pay for a mosquito net). And no matter how much people will tell you it’s okay to do drugs here, you are never more than a policeman who is short of cash for the upcoming holiday weekend and picks out a stoned foreigner at random and shakes them down. If you are even more stupid and argue, you’ll be arrested and then your family will have to negotiate a bribe to get you out, which can take months. And that is the best case scenario. People vanish off the face of the planet all the time out here, but in 99.99% of the cases it was because they were doing something really really stupid. Use some common sense and show some respect when visiting conservative Buddhist developing countries on holiday. Or better yet, just stay home. If you want to contribute to the economy pick out a non-scam charity and flush your money there.

Used to hear 'Barang chikut" quite a lot. Now it’s more likely to be ‘Fucking Chinese.’

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