Happy 83rd birthday LSD!

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Fun Fact: LSD and LDS both make you worry about that knock at the door.

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ETA: I was a steady user of LSD as a youth, and it never messed me up. Actually, I would recommend everyone try it at least once, to break down their ego dominance.


I got high last night on LSD
My mind was beautiful, and I was free


Linton Samuel Dawson
Lives in Inner Space
He hangs around with a circus troop
Outside the human race.

Linton Samuel Dawson
Has just reached 25
Artists travel from outside time
Just to see his rainbow jive.


That was joyful. Few things are really just that clean and sweet. Mr. Hoffman and your problem child, I thank you from the depth of my being.


Ah, I thought maybe it was Bicycle Day, but that’s not until April.

  • LSD is awesome and everybody should do it
  • LSD is playing Russian Roulette with your brain but hey, you do you
  • maybe just stick with weed and mushrooms
  • something something Charles Manson

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Maybe the first line should include the caveat “if they want to”?


I’ve always thought it a wonderful thing that Bicycle Day is the day before 4/20, because as a younger human that’s exactly what I wanted to do after celebrating Bicycle Day (note: can be celebrated any day).

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I did it twice, and enjoyed it both times, but realised quite quickly that when my friends were coming down, I would still be high as a kite. For them, it was a twelve hour experience; for me, twenty-four.

The second time is still burned into my memory, as when my friends started coming down, I took a bus-trip to Bristol, wandered around some of my favourite stores (record stores, metal clothing stores and comic stores), and spent the journey home delightedly reading a Spider-Man comic.

For me, both times I can safely say that afterwards, I wasn’t exactly the same person I had been before, and that my world view was significantly altered.

I also never experienced LSD-induced hallucinations, which to be honest, was a little disappointing at the time.

It’s something I wouldn’t choose to do lightly if at all now, but at the same time, I’m grateful that I had the experience.


Huh, I sure don’t remember the exact day, but this is close to the 20th anniversary of my first dose. Probably about 10 years since my last now. Kind of hesitant to get into it again now that my life is, like, “established” or whatever.

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Decimalisation should never have happened. Now, what the hell am I going to do with all of these farthings?

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Happy birthday, LSD! What’s everybody doing to celebra— oh. Yeah, that makes sense.


I’d like to write in: LSD may or may not be awesome, but like climbing the rope in gym class, everyone ought to try it at least once (even if under professional supervision).

I was at the home of an acquaintance a few decades ago, and there was one of those decorative wall carpets in his home of a pastoral scene with horses. I swear you could see the horses running and the grass waving in the breeze.


Even now, still kinda envious :smiley:
Mind you, might explain why I spend so much free time playing videogames; they’re hallucinations I have control over.

I used it maybe ten times between 1968-70, and enjoyed every experience. I had mild hallucinations, in which a blank wall became a moving pattern, and an Oriental rug was amazing. It was a bit scary to look at another person’s face and see it changing unbeknownst to the person. I loved the feeling of stepping behind or out of or above every thought to examine where that thought came from. If I played my guitar, random notes were just as interesting as actual melodies and chords; listening to music by actual musicians was wonderful.

I don’t have any desire to use it again, even if it were legalized, which it certainly ought to be.


I never met an hallucination I didn’t like. At 75 I’m a little hesitant to do ayahuasca again but if I knew it was pure LSD, yeah. I think that it was really useful as a young man to consider options in the life that lay ahead of me, now after having made a lot of that journey the LSD might be useful as a means of reflection over those years and for thoughts on how to wrap up this particular show.


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