Watch these interviews of two women on LSD

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Dang, I’ve been there, unfortunately not recently enough.


Redundant statement is redundant.


I wish I had been more judicious in my consumption. There were times when the set and setting were not right and I knew it. Those times became the lens through which later trips were focused. I’m not sure I could do it now. The time, place, and people would have to be just right. I’m not sure I know anyone I want to trip with right now. The carefree closeness of youthful friendship is not so easily replicated as we grow older. Our adult relationships tend to be so much more fraught and pregnant with responsibility and consequence. I wonder if a therapeutic guided experience would be more the thing now? Hmmm…


Got the message. Hung up the phone.

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Back in the day, my friend and I dropped acid and went to see Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” on the giant Cinesphere screen at Ontario Place. After the movie finished, we were the first ones to leave. We made our way through various alleyways until we came up against a dead end. Turning around, we were totally freaked out to discover that almost the entire audience had followed us thinking we knew where we were going. I recall it taking about three days until I felt normal again.


I’m in (kind of) the same boat. I had amazing experiences in my more carefree youth, and I’ve wanted to try it again, but I know it will be a completely different experience and am kind of afraid, so I won’t do it with that fear.
But I’ve also been interested in the guided, therapeutic approach. Have you read the Pollan book? I haven’t, but some friends have. I’ve only read the article excerpts.


For me, it was all about the hammer, the nail. and the sound. It was all sound, and I could definitely appreciate the acoustic energy of the hard hammer hitting the dull, malleable yet focused nail, overcoming the skin friction against the fibrous pine, driving deeper and deeper… because physics.

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That is scarily hilarious. I’d also be freaked out about that for a couple days.

I appreciate the opening of the documentary with the warped perspective of the string quartet through the vial.

First time I tried it was 1968 when a friend brought some orange sunshine back from San Francisco. After that it was almost a daily affair until one time I took a little to much and the setting was off for some reason, Horrifying experience. And the very last time I ever did it again.


Two other great clips of early LSD tests:

1950’s Housewife on LSD


I tried it just once. Thought to myself afterward that it was soooo nice that if I did it again the ride would finally lurch to a halt about five years later. Didn’t see the need to risk that. But hoo boy.


Well, I did as directed and I have to say really couldn’t focus on the interview


Try eating an orange :wink:


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