Never before published photos from Psychedelic Conference II in Santa Barbara, 1983

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“The speakers were a “who’s who” of drug discoverers and researchers: Albert Hofmann, Humphry Osmond, Ralph Metzner, Alexander Shulgin, Walter Houston Clark, Terence McKenna, Andrew Weil, Carl Ruck and Jonathan Ott.”

But no “Smokey McPot”, very strange, very strange indeed.

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And no Lamb Chop, either.

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These are awesome! For anyone interested, we are making a documentary about Rick Doblin and his 30 year journey with MAPS to legalize MDMA for treatment of PTSD. It’s called “Prescription X” -

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Dang. I was on campus those days, and I missed it. Ah well, finals were approaching so I was probably in the library studying.

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