The unusual couple behind an online field guide to psychoactive substances


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“a couple in their mid-forties – a man and a woman who call themselves Earth and Fire, respectively.”

They sound like fun.


erowid is actually pretty good. The experiences are well documented, and often good, enlightening reads. Also some DiY’s, if that’s your thing with psychoactive substances. I used to spend a lot of time there when I was a teen.


“Erowid’s legacy would take a nosedive” if one of them were to die of an overdose.

Well that’s one reason to go on living, I suppose.


Is there a reason they don’t get a link?


What about Water and Air?


I thought the one missing was Wind.


And when their powers combine…


It’s a daft thing to say. There are lots of databases and reference books about various drugs. Do people all scrap them if somebody dies from one?


i still have a collection of photos regarding shrooms that i pulled from Erowid back in the 90’s. i thought it was cool that they were still around when i ran across the site about 8 years later. i hope they turn it into a full blown generation spanning non-profit, so it can survive well into the future.


Yes, just like we throw away all our guns every time somebody gets shot.


I think there are plenty of people who would love any excuse to discredit any resource that talks about recreational intoxication in an informative and non-judgemental manner. There’s nothing rational about that, but maybe it’s sensible not to give such people any ammunition. Particularly if you feel like not trying opiates isn’t such a great loss.


I think I have some posts on there somewhere under a 'nym, archived from years ago - they used to vacuum up Usenet posts from alt.drugs and talk.politics.drugs. (For all you copyright nuts, they were very nice about asking permission to repost them.)


Reputation may be meaningless to you, but it matters to many other people. If an author who advocates the position that drugs can be used responsibly and safely winds up dead of an overdose in a Skid Row back alley, that would be widely seen as a repudiation of his thesis, regardless of its merits.


Your successes are ephemeral.
Your failures will follow you.

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