Winamp as a real-life touchscreen stereo system

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[fabulous llama gif]


I loved the Winamp app. It was so good.


Kinda disappointed the example image isn’t using DJ Mike Llama’s track:


Poor Llamas …


the distinctive style of its interface became legendary in its own right

I mean yes, but… one of the best things about Winamp was the skins. Many were wildly creative and unique.



And that’s why I still use it - it just works.

(Lost most of the custom skins I had over the years, though.)


want this


No music visualizer?

black hole space GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers

Probably one of the best things about listening to music in the 2000s.


I wish I could find a blog post I saw a while back that collected them into a “2000s aesthetic” post… but maybe that was a twitter thread, not a blog?

It’s sad how Elon destroyed a good thing, you leave the site and years later you realize you can’t call back something like a curated list of 2000s-y skin screenshots because one or both parties noped out.

(Y2K Aesthetic Institute publishes a lot of similar styled stuff but wasn’t the source apparently: )

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This is part of the reason I hated Twitter even before Musk took over. Everything on it becomes emphemeral and hard to track down days after it’s posted, at the whim of a giant faceless corporation and its fickle rules and algorithms. Not a huge deal for “lol look how huge this appetizer is” type posts, but so many creative people chose to post their art and interesting projects to Twitter and only Twitter despite it being a horrible platform for that, because social media had already taken over everything and that was the only way to get seen in the short term.


Why not get them back, then? You can download them, or use them in the web player .

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It would be so much cooler if this had physical buttons and sliders


Also I used to not be one of those “mods are Nazis” types, but I got kicked off for allegedly making violent posts (not accurate), losing an account dating back the 2000s, for tweeting against hate, but the leader of the proud boys was allowed back.

I value quite a few convos I had, but sadly most of those people from “infosec twitter” are dead.

It sucks because for a solid decade it was useful – if you stuck to talking about science and policy you could have a nice time, but everything went insane around 2019.

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