Animation: "Why aliens probably exist"


I like the idea of self replicating, colonizing robots. I wonder if anyone has really looked in to what that would take to make happen. Seems like it’s a technical challenge that could be within our reach in the next few decades.

When I start thinking about these kinds of things, I immedately go to Sid Meir’s Civ technology tree;

Our scientific research is barely adequate. Please increase science funding.


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I rather strongly believe that the Great Filter is not self-destruction, but energy availability.

Without fossil fuels we wouldn’t have progressed to a technological civilisation.

That millions of years worth of combustible material got stored deep underground rather than burning seems like a hugely unlikely proposition on top of the unlikeliness of life itself.

So the aliens are out there, but they’re stuck down their own gravity wells with 18th-century technology.


“Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” -Arthur C. Clark


Deep underground by human standards, but not too deep. If our species is wiped out tomorrow, the folks who would replace us will have a much tougher time jumpstarting their civilization, since we’ve depleted everything close to the surface.


Yes, many agree, and they are divided between those who want to make it happen, and those who realize we have no idea how to make it happen safely without triggering some kind of gray goo scenario.

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I read an interesting idea that as soon as civilizations become awesome enough to do this, they spend their resources hiding from everyone else. Because what did we do every time we found a new people? Did we act all nice and awesome with them?


You could go a step further. There could be Inhibitors.

I personally welcome our space snail overlords.

Some form of fossil fuel should exist on virtually any planet that has had a few million years worth of life.

If you’ve got organic material, pressure, heat, environments with a lack of oxygen, and lots of time you’ll get fossil fuels.

Couldn’t make out the voices with the loud background music.


Who came up with that idea? I know neurotypicals can filter these things apart, but still, that’s frakking screwy.

Maybe we’re the aliens.


Came for the panspermia, left looking for a tissue.

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