Animator David Firth rewards fans with Salad Fingers short after hitting 1m subscribers


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What just happened here?


He just hit 1 million? I would have expected this back in 2006 or something. This guy was like the original internet meme, him and All Your Base Are Belong to Us.


I liked the new Salad Fingers short, but then I clicked on a short he did from last year and WOW has he ever gotten good!


Cream was great.

I re-visited Salad Fingers and some various fan theories about the series a few months ago and subscribed to his channel.

So what I guess I am saying is - You’re welcome.


I am SO glad I watched this just before bed. Yes.


Grandad’s teeth.



It’s only a minor eldritch horror, don’t be a scaredy cat


Holy crap, that’s EXACTLY what salad fingers is!


Wow! That ‘Cream’ episode was pretty involved and amazing in sort of a crazy sci-fi Philip K Dick way.


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