Salad Fingers, episode 10: "Birthday"


I can never think of Salad Fingers without imagining him talking to a Benedict Cumberbatch finger puppet…

Damn. I’ve not see this cartoon in probably 8 or more years. I’m not sure I want to watch again 'cause they were so creepy and gross. Still… Who doesn’t like to be creeped out over your lunch break?

After lunch now and it was as disturbing today as it was when I first discovered it.

I think 'WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK…?!?" covers it pretty well.

I mean…wow.

Now this is a blast from the past. I loved this way back when.

Me too. I had no idea, until my son told me recently, there were lots of episodes.

I see Firth remains an exemplar…

Where others merely add weirdness to the grotesque, he multiplies them.

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