Anime site Crunchyroll removes its bigot-flooded comment section

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I’ve been using Crunchyroll for a couple of years, generally pretty pleased with the service. However just like YouTube, I never look at the comments. There’s nothing there that’s useful for me, so I ignore it. Besides with CrunchyRoll, 99% of my usage is through my Roku anyway, so comments aren’t even part of the user experience there.

In general though, comment sections for almost any website are the nadir of the internet, esp. YouTube and news sites.


Well, Twilight Out of Focus is going straight into my watch list. Thanks, bigots for bringing this one to my attention

I’m confused why this one got review bombed. It didn’t look like the same thing happened to several queer anime I watched recently like Stranger by the Shore. What is it about this one that brought the bigots out in force and bothered enough to create bot accounts?
Maybe it’s a perception thing on my part. I look at the review/stars on the app only and you must have a paid account to leave stars there.


There’s been a ton of yuri, yaoi and various LGBT content there over the years. If it was what the BB article said for the comments section to be closed it would have occurred years ago when the hullabaloo about Lily from Zombieland Saga being trans happened lol

This time it’s the homophobia combined with the criticism about how the show is subtitled with accusations of AI being used and/or the translators being crunched hard into getting the work out way too fast. That being said somebody made a browser extension to add a Discus comment section to those pages that are NOT moderated by CR staff so that might cause problems too in the long term.

Neckbeards making a bad situation even worse because they’re feeling oppressed lol


Why will this cause problems? That requires people to go out of their way, and I think there have been extensions to do this sort of thing for any site for years.


It shifts moderation to a different set of hands. CR could have locked comments to long time paying customers temporally to reduce this problem


It also shifts the comments entirely to a different set of hands. It’s no different than someone having a forum somewhere.


Present company excepted, of course.


“And stop making fake accounts to give 5 star reviews”, says the fake account giving 1 star reviews. Every accusation a confession, even when it’s projection-bots rather than real right wing bigots.


This is actually kind of shocking to me. I’ve had a Crunchyroll account for ages and dip into the comments on shows I watch there more often than not and I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly hostile environment compared to say YouTube comments. In my experience it’s mostly just people sharing their thoughts on the show in question with maybe some getting a bit too exuberantly parasocial about the characters they like. I’ve definitely watched tons of LGBTQ+ content as well, so it’s not like I’m accidentally self selecting away from content that would attract the chuds and trollies. All I can think is maybe it’s a visibility thing, like there’s more LGBTQ+ representation in popular, highly rated shows lately instead of just more niche genres?