Anita Sarkeesian on what she couldn't say



I have been thinking about this recently, and I propose iyncimes from a privileged class that is used to talking about them selves with little regard to their audience.

As a person if privilege it is difficult to detach yourself from a conversation, especially when it us you who are on the wrong side. It is tempting to make everything about yourself, and coopt the narative (even with good intentions) to your own privileged outlook.

I don’t think this problem will be solved soon or by a small amount of people. And I do believe a sea change of largely quiet people will make the largest and most effective difference.

But in the short term mysonginistic behavior and language needs to be put down fast and hard.


C’mon Anita, do you really expect the cops to expend their valuable resources on something like death threats when there are still thousands of peaceful activists wandering around unsurveilled, and millions of black people and hippies they haven’t had a chance to savagely beat and throw in jail yet? Get your priorities straight.


Video had about 1500 views when I saw it.

First comment is pretty much the standard hate-fest that caused FF to turn off comments on their channel and it has 300 upvotes

What is it about these people that they can’t even ignore her? Why is it so vitally important that anyone who happens to stumble upon any story about her be TOLD what a fraud she is?

Lewis’ Law writ large.


Ha! That’s Sargon of Akkad, a paranoid British MRA who believes—and I am not making this up—that the academic games study group DiGRA is a secret DARPA project because one time they advertised a job opening on their website. He records three-hour rants about video games and feminism and academic collusion on what seems to be an hourly basis, and has a throbbing neckbase of rabid fans who seem to think he’s really on to something. If you want to be entertained, look up the time he made the mistake of inviting Jenni Goodchild—an actual smart-person academic who happens to be a tiny woman with rainbow hair—onto his show and was whipped into a stammering froth by her patient questioning of his assumptions.


This is very good and also quite moving. Moreover, the YouTube comments section seems to hate it, so she’s clearly doing something right.


…it must take a lot of effort to maintain this worldview. I wonder what he’s afraid of confronting in reality that makes him cling to the lurid fantasy with such desperate conviction.


I hadn’t heard of that before. Captures things perfectly. Many of the comments on her video at YouTube are vile.


bah. The video is down


If you click the YouTube link for the video, it’s already been pulled so watch this while you can. I don’t know enough to tell you why the embed version still works.


Just came to say that I thought her speech was excellent. Her comments are spot on, as evidenced by the comments they’re attracting at YouTube (an excellent example of Lewis’ Law, about which I’ve just learned from @sfrazer). She’s courageous. She has my full support.


This surprised me because I was watching the video when I saw your comment. But when I hit replay it had been pulled. I’m guessing they did so because it had more downvotes than upvotes, along with a vomit heap of vile comments.

Edit: sorry, I posted the link below before watching more than 30 seconds. It’s not what I thought it was (i.e., Anita’s speech). He’s offering a blow-by-blow critique of it. My apologies. It’s drivel.

I originally wrote:

For those who’d like to see the video, MundaneMatt had uploaded it on his channel. Check it out here.

I was just going to point that out. MundaneMatt is another Gamergater, and buddies with the aforementioned Sargon of Akkad.

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Yeah, I’m very sorry about that. The guy is unhinged. Nobody should be directed to that shit.


It looks like they’ve removed and then added the video back with comments disabled:

It sucks that they have to do that, but there’s the content, anyhow.


Oof, all I found was a three hour podcast of sorts. (What is with mra/ggs and video length? Who can even palate that for more than 5 minutes?)

Are the highlights of the goodchild whipping uploaded anywhere?

Also, here’s a mirror, and a transcript:



That was powerful and moving, thank you.


Sarkeesian’s segment is part of a longer panel with several speakers, all well worth listening to:


Okay, maybe “entertained” was the wrong word. Stultified?

There’s no highlight reel, but my favorite bit came after Sargon invited shouty blowhard King of Pol to join them and he railed extensively at Jenni for refusing to answer Sargon’s questions. Once she was able to get a word in:

Jenni: “Okay. Go ahead. What’s your question?”
Sargon: “I—well, I don’t actually have a question, but—”