"Anon" vs Iggy Azalea


Follow-up question - who is Iggy Azalea?


Katy Perry, I think.


She wishes… maybe? I don’t know. I hate to say this, but all these pop stars sort of run together in my head now a days. I could tell the difference between Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (not that I really liked them much), but when I hear songs by Katy Perry, Arianna Grande, Lady Gaga, or whoever else, if I can’t see the singer, I really can’t tell the difference… I do think Iggy Azalea sees herself as a rapper, influenced by Dirty South hip-hop, but the one or two songs i heard on SNL seemed pretty boring to me…

Am I just old? I can’t tell anymore, so everyone just get off my lawn, just to be sure.

Edited to add: in regards to the issue at hand, I think she has said and done some questionable things, and at least dabbles in cultural appropriation in regards to hip-hop… But that doesn’t mean the person threatening to release the tape of her isn’t a sexist asshole. Edited again to add link:


As if Anonymous was a thing? Here’s food for thought: if somebody threatens to release your sex tape… it’s pretty much already released.


They’ll say they won’t release it, but then they will, to a limited number of “art-house” theaters.

This is probably just another false-flag PR attempt by Sony.


there’s no easy way to tell who is “legit Anonymous”

It’s exceptionally easy to tell who is legit Anonymous. If they call themselves Anonymous, then they are legit.

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basically, she’s Nicki Minaj for music listeners who don’t like black people or talent.


Culturally tone deaf Aussie bogan -vs- misogynistic arsehole wing of Anon. No winners here, move along.

... threatened with the release of a sex tape by Anonymous

The “by Anonymous” is a bit ambiguous. Is it the “release by Anonymous of a sex tape showing Iggy Azalea” or “threatening Iggy Azalea with a sex tape showing Anonymous?” With most of the members of Anonymous the latter would be less desirable.



correct on all counts

no, she sucks.

IMO, the issue is not so much that she appropriates culture, it’s that hip hop culture has been fully assimilated into the larger culture. she’s just a product of her time. the issue for me is, how responsible was I for that transition? which is fucked up. it’s not my fault I thought breakin’ and Run DMC was awesome in the 4th grade and I never stopped even when all the other white kids did. but on some level, my presence made it OK for wack white people to decide they could do it too. Or maybe that’s self-aggrandizing? analyzing it will drive you mad, but I at least felt a responsibility to understand that how I repped had certain repercussions that didn’t apply to, say, DMX. I guess anything I did was eclipsed by Em, anyhow…

So, I haven’t read any links, but if IA’s “nasty remarks” to a POC were racially motivated, then she’s wrong for that. OTOH, if she just has beef with a POC and they’re just dissing each other, then it doesn’t matter. But the tape itself is irrelevant. What a third party does w/r/t their interpretation of what’s happening is out of IAs hands.


I am Anonymous, and so is my wife.


I thought it was like ‘cool’, so if they call themselves anonymous, then they aren’t. This ‘anonymous’ is so confusing; posers or not, I bet we’ll never know who any of them are.


Or, another way to think about this question - what’s the difference between Iggy Azalea, Vanilla Ice, and Enimen? Is there a difference between Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, or Elvis Prestley, for that matter? How do we separate how the industry has exploited black culture from real honest respect for black culture? Would we place so much importance on country blues in our modern music, if it hadn’t been for white men’s embrace of those sorts of records (when, as Elijah Wald has shown, the city blues, dominated by women, were what African Americans were overwhelmingly in the 20s - there is a reason why Robert Johnson was so obscure to begin with).

Oh, and can we just blame it all on Rick Rubin, cause I’m no fan of his, honestly. He’s always come off as a tool.

I still think it would matter, because it’s still a white woman using racially tinged language, so I’d say it’s problematic, even if such dissing is an integral part of hip-hop culture… If she’s so down with black culture, she should be sensitive to her place within it as a white woman.


and don’t call me big-nose

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it’s a hard question. eric clapton is much more accessible to most people i know than leadbelly or even muddy waters. and years ago at a call center i was at it was socially acceptable to play outloud in the office eminem but still not NWA.

i just have this gut feeling it comes down to the historical power structure in first world nations, and the people that are part of those structures wanting to hear something that is familiar-yet-edgey. and while i don’t have a huge problem with appropriation–we artists stand on the shoulders of giants–if it we were a bit honest in acknowledging credit i think some of these issues would go away.


Wait, I’m confused. Is the statement that Iggy Azalea isn’t black (obvious) and has no talent (also obvious), or an implication in some way that she’s a talentless white version of Nicki Minaj (which would imply that Ms. Minaj has talent [which I am yet to be witness to])?


Iggy: “What? Release a sex tape and make everyone start talking about me even more? Oh no, Br’er Bear! Not the briar patch! Anything but the briar patch!”


Yeah, Nicki Minaj does have SOME talent.

You may not like her style but you have to admit she at the very least clears the low bar of 'better at rapping than Iggy Azalea".