Another critical fail for Wizards of the Coast as they delay release of their Deck of Many Things due to manufacturing issues

I’ve had several friends in small publishing tell me that the quality of their printers have taken a nosedive over the last couple of years. In fact, a kickstarter I backed has had two fulfillment delays due to the quality of the product not matching the samples they were presented with.
In that case, and in this one with the deck of many things, I’d rather lay blame at the foot of the printers than say it’s somehow all WotC’s fault.

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In this case, and it’s a trend I have recently seen with short/small run print jobs, it is probably the finishing rather than the printing.
I have had a couple of projects that were immaculately printed and let down by slipshod finishing – the fault was with a print manager who insisted he could get a better deal on the finishing and push them hard on the budget too – he did and it turned out the finishers couldn’t do the job reliably.


So, I literally learned last night that an old acquaintance of mine was the project lead for this. Now way is he the sort to plan on releasing an inferior or flawed product and, from everything that I read, this may be one of the most innovative products from WotC in a while.

Here’s hoping that they can get the quality control issues fixed. I might actually buy this product.


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