Surprise marriage proposal via Magic: The Gathering


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I typically roll my eyes at anything marriage related but this made me audibly say “D’Awwwww”


This card was created by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, for him to propose to his wife. He apparently had to wait through several games to draw it and have the mana to play it.


Why sailor moon?

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It’s particularly surprising that it happened in 2014. People still play Magic: The Gathering?

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I’ve not played it with cards since the 2nd Edition, though I did recently have a go on the PC. Based on a tiny sample (a bloke at work and visits to the local smelly games shop) there still seems to be a solid player base. Maybe MtG is the Goth of collectable card games, destined to power on for decades through a committed fan community.

The game is actually more popular than ever–popular enough that streams of the major tournaments (there’s a professional circuit for the game with hundreds of thousands in prizes) garner over a million views. People play both irl with cards and online. I’ve personally been playing on and off (mostly on) for about 20 years.


My brother and I stumbled upon a CCG shop in downtown Auckland the last time we were there for a concert. We both used to play in the 90’s.

The shop had your typical set up of lots of tables and chairs, and enthusiastic gamers playing each other, they also had a lot of cards displayed in cases. And those cards had prices. Now, bear in mind we used to play 10+ years earlier, a lot of the rare and unusual cards were such that, while not common, where definitely not worth any kind of big money back in the day. We went thorough those cabinets looking for cards we’d both owned at some point, and came up with a few thousand dollars worth of cards (at sell price at least) that we’d both disposed of through various means in the decade and a half since we’d played. He flogged most of his off for cents-to-the-dollar on what they cost him (when a booster was 4 or 5 dollars) - the most I ever got out of mine was swapping a bunch of cards for a tinny lol. I barely even bothered to see what those cards were.

So yup - Magic: The Gathering is going strong. And if you used to play and kept your cards, you might be sitting on a bit of unexpected windfall!

You know you’re in trouble if you try this and they Counterspell it.


Blue decks are for commitment-phobes, apparently.

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I mean, er, crap… I’ve never played this shamefully nerdy game!

Well, every sunday at my church – UU, unsurprisingly – there’s a dedicated cluster of tweens & teens avidly playing MtG over in a corner while the adults partake in the sacrement of coffee.

EDIT: I should add that we ARE an overwhelmingly nerdy congregation, so no surprise that the collective spawn would have such pursuits. Several years ago when they were all in elementary school, they devised a complex LARPish game loosely based on the Percy Jackson series. It was pretty hilarious watching them run around, waving sticks for swords and calling each other by their minor Greek god names.


This is probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever found on the Internet.


He later said it just didn’t occur to him to cheat… he was playing a mono-white deck with the maximum (4) versions of the card, but he shuffled them in and waited for them fairly. Artist Quinton Hoover made up 9 stickers (a full sheet) to attach to existing cards, but he only used 4.

Supposedly at the end of the last game, Lily told him, “give up, you know there’s no white card that will let you win.”

No one is perfectly sure what the Proposal looks like, since Garfield wanted to keep it private. Quinton Hoover once said that he’d seen two popular mock-ups online, and that the one involving Garfield in a frilly collar was definitely not what he painted.

Richard also made up Magic cards as birth announcements for his sons: Splendid Genesis and Fraternal Exaltation.

(I’m having trouble attaching images, but all three are here in a relatively short list of one-off Magic “calebration” cards:

A version of that card should be standard Unglued. Too awesome.

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I’ve seen that too. I always wonder what will happen when the teens realize they are welcome to the coffee. I certainly didn’t.

It’s more popular than ever, actually. It went through a slump at some point, but it’s come back strong. You can go on Twitch on the weekend and watch people who weren’t born when the game was first made play in big tournaments.

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