Adults get their childhood Yu-Gi-Oh! cards valued by an expert

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My son had his phase. For his birthday I bought him a set of three uber-rare cards, which he promptly ran through the laundry. They weren’t terribly expensive, 14 years ago. But today?


yes but what about my Magic the gathering cards that people bought for me and I had ZERO interest in playing but they assumed because I play Warcraft and video games and read comics I must play the weird geek card game too!!!

Yeah, they are in some storage containers somewhere along with the baseball and sports cards, comic book cards and action figures from the 80’s and 90’s.

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For those old enough not to have to rely on collecting Math Beanie Babies, the real investment goldmine is Desert Storm collectible cards.


It’s interesting how things are valued.

I watched the vase video and was thinking how rare that fake vase probably is, since it’s so off-the-mark for passing as an actual Tiffany vase.

Obviously it’s not the kind of rare that “Serious Collectors™” would pay for, but someone interested in collecting outlandish fakes might be willing to pay more than $25 for it.

You just gotta find your market.

Heck, you could even turn it into unique art by sticking a sign in it with an arrow pointing down that reads “FAKE!”. Maybe not “good” art, but then I don’t have the knack of being a fine artist.

Instead, he planned to destroy the mark, or even the whole vase. A part of me feels that’s a shame.

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You should get them checked out — Magic cards have skyrocketed and many of the original cards, even ones not terribly rare when released, can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars each. My brother made quite a bit but could have made MUCH more if he had held out — today’s market is good for sellers.

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“It’s a Tiffany Vase, I swear”
“No it’s not, that’s clearly a knockoff”
“Well, ok, I made it in my basement, but it was inspired by my girlfriend Tiffany”


Heheh… “FAKE MUSE”. I hate you a bit for that.


I wonder how much my Star Wars trading cards from the original trilogy are worth? I also have a few hundred Pokemon from the early 90’s that my kids forgot about years ago.

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My parents basement flooded a few (10) years ago, and I lost all my Magic cards. Sigh.





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