Rare Pokémon card expected to fetch $350k at auction

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How much mana do you have to tap to bring it out?

Oh, wrong game.

I’m trying to transition my kiddo from Pokemon to Magic, but she wants to go straight-up backgammon, stratego, chess, connect-4 and other indie games instead (our current favorite is Takenoko https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/70919/takenoko).

Anything to get her off of her iPad.


in pokemon tcg mana is for attacks.

I had this card, first edition and everything, it’s too bad I was a shitty little kid who didn’t take care of their things


So around 12 Bitcoin, the most appropriate denomination for this purchase.


So how long before my Star Wars CCG cards are worth a few hundred thou?


Could somebody get the potential bidders a Heifer International Catalog or something?


There still is a market for some of them, but they didn’t have rare chase cards like Pokemon, IIRC.

MTG cards have some $$$$ cards.

Now that fewer and fewer people use postage stamps anymore, is stamp collecting still “a thing”?

And if it’s not, does that mean stamp collections are losing value, since it’s all about supply and demand?

I received this in the mail quite recently.

dated 1971,1991, and 1992. I was interested in what was inside. Ironically, the value of the contents was diminished subsequently by my uploading scans to archive.org

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You were a perfectly normal kid with the same lack of 20-20 foresight as the whole rest of humanity! :nerd_face:

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I guess I’m not sure what makes a rare foil Star Wars card worth $100 and a rare foil Pokemon card worth thousands of times more money, unless there were, like, only 3 of the Pokemon ones made or something. It’s a little frustrating to not have anything worth money purely by the bad luck of being the wrong flavor of nerd in the 1990s.

Pokemon: In high demand, $$
Magic: In high demand, $$
Star Wars: What’s a Star Wars?

You could feed a lot of children with $350,000.


Yeah, my default (correct) reaction to stories like this is now anger. I don’t want to take a stance of permanent outrage about every little thing, but children are going hungry and people are sleeping in alleyways; this shit is disgusting.

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There were lots of adults who were Star Wars fans in the 1990s. Enough of them remembered what happened to the value of the original 1970s toys, and will have preserved their cards, while Pokémon was new and didn’t have such a fanbase yet. This has translated into the relative rarity of these cards today via the traditional mechanism of other people’s parents throwing them out.

Number of cards and demand.

If the CCG was a better game (Have a ton of cards, never really liked the game enough though I used to play it once a week), an it was still an active gave, the cards in existence would have been beat up more, and way more people out there wanting to get old/rarer cards.

But I don’t think any of the CCG had the lower print runs as say the early MTG cards, or the hologram gen 1 Pokemon cards.

And yes - almost NOTHING Star Wars in the 90s is worth a ton. I got a ton of the early Kenner figures on mint cards that I probably would take a loss on if I tried to sell (anyone need some, I will make you a deal.) Everyone got very excited when new Star Wars stuff came out and lots of people bought multiple copies to collect. The fools, we should have been hording the original stuff.

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For me it was comics. Bags and backs for all of them, so I have some rare ones in mint condition. But nothing beats my brother-in-law though. He bagged and backed them too, but he landed a first edition Walking Dead issue before that was even a thing. Got 3k on eBay after he CGC’ed it as mint.

Lucky bastard paid ~2 bucks for it.


All I can think is …

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