Collector's 1990s Pokémon cards appraised for thousands on 'Antiques Roadshow'

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At least this won’t make most of us here feel “overly nostalgic.”

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There is a market for this stuff. I have a bunch of unopened packs of ‘90s vintage Pokemon cards that a store owner I knew gave me years ago when he stopped selling them. I used to give them to nieces and nephews and friends’ kids when I visited but still had a couple dozen left over. I’ve been selling the remaining packs off on Ebay for $200+ each.

Also, obligatory:

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I used my Hunts Bread Carl Yastrzemski baseball card to make motor sound on my bikes rear wheel in the 1960s. My family didn’t even like Hunts Bread but we bought it anyway for that Yaz card. Doesn’t anyone play with trading cards anymore?

People still hold tournaments with Pokemon cards. But, even when the card game was new in the US, people were buying and selling the individual cards. Here’s an old issue of Scrye someone scanned and put on Internet Archive if you want to see what prices were like back then. That issue predates when Uri Geller stopped Kadabra’s production for 18 years, so it’s just 4 dollars. A 1st set Charizard was about as expensive as a Darth Vader was from the Premier set of Decipher’s Star Wars CCG.

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