This book reprints all 330 Star Wars trading cards from 1977 and 1978

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Now I need to dig my collection out of my attic (assuming it hasn’t been eaten by squirrels) and count how many I have. I had an aunt who just bought me a whole box of packs one day–the same way some people now buy Pokemon and Magic cards. I ended up with a ton of them but also a lot of duplicates. In a way it was annoying because while I could trade the duplicates there weren’t very many cards I didn’t already have. But I guess I was a good friend because I gave away a lot. If a friend wanted a particular card and I had two I was happy to give him one.


I have several sets. I know the yellow borders. I know I am missing the first series… $14… eh - sold.

Oh man, my brother and I still have a bunch of those. Was it just the cards from the other movies that had mosaic tiles on the back?

I didn’t get any of those. In 1976, 12-year-old me bought way too many packs of Star Trek cards (which I still have), so 13-year-old me didn’t want any more of that gum.

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I wonder if it’ll include the #207 variant card?

I remember completing the RotJ Panini sticker album back in the day. eBay suggests that if I still had it, it’d be worth sod all.

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i have incomplete sets of the first movie’s series, and at least two complete of TESB, with several incomplete sets. i don’t think i have a complete ROTJ set. in other words, this book is right up my alley.

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