Meet the guy who spent $3,200 on Hearthstone packs in one night


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Not gonna lie, I was a little afraid this article was about my husband. (Checks bank account again)


That really sounds like no fun, like when you need more meth to get high.


A lot in one go for sure and on stuff that can just go poof at the whim of the publisher. I see guys but entire retail boxes of Magic on a regular basis and it probably adds up close over a year. God knows how much a new Warhammer army will set you back.

Just to be clear, for anyone who hasn’t played Hearthstone, the gold cards play exactly the same as the normal ones, they just look “prettier”. They give you no advantage to playing the game.

You also can’t trade or sell Hearthstone cards once you obtain them.


Well, there may be some psychological advantage in playing against some opponents, who may be intimidated by all your pretty gold cards.

Hearthstone was actually pretty fun, for the bits I played (for free). The matchmaking seemed to work ok for online play, I just wasn’t very good at it and got distracted by some new shiny thing. :slight_smile:

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I figured, having spent more than I care to admit on Pokemon cards and the foils both physical and digital are basically just shiny but act the same. That said it is cool to see a deck with all shiny versions of the same card. The sprog has gotten bored with the game, I miss playing a bit as it was fun and very welcoming for people who just wanted to play and not be competitive.

This is what kills Hearthstone for me, and why I won’t spend a cent on it. If you want specific cards, you have to open packs until you find them, or shred the extra cards you don’t need until you can afford to craft the ones you do.

And then you can’t recoup anything if you ever decide to stop playing, short of selling your entire account which I assume is against the ToS.

I’ve probably spent about as much money, over the course of a year, on Magic Online, but I could get a good portion of it back by trading away all my cards.

not going to lie, I was like “Hearthstone packs? This is like some kinda special mountaineering gear? This guy must be into some kind of extreme camping-out adventures” (clickthru) “Oh.”

so… crash blossom, i guess?
: P

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There, but for the grace of God, goes I.

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Not that I don’t spend money I shouldn’t, but generally I can hold that item when I am buy it. I guess I don’t get spending too much on virtual stuff…

It’s more like spending money on entertainment masquerading under the veneer of owning something.

The psychology of it (from my own experiences) goes like this: Games cost money. Spending money on a game rewards developers for their efforts and encourages future development.

It’s all just rationalization in the end, but so are things like eating out, going to the movies, or flying to Disney World.


It’s a wishing well, a very deep wishing well.

Well at Halloween and Xmas I usually toss $15ish dollars to Valve for TF2 crate keys. But I play TF2 off and on all year and figure yeah I get that much fun out if it and want to see it keep going but it isn’t like I would consider that much even if I won lotto. If won lotto I would just setup my own server or fund a community server I like fully.
That said, yeah that is a lot of $$ for virtual goods you can’t touch.

Same here, but at least you can sell/trade the items you get. I can’t imagine spending $3,200 on a few burning flames hats if I couldn’t trade or swap them down the line.

Guys - I think there is a huge difference between buying a game or going to a movie and this. Now granted I don’t know exactly how that game works, but I play video games and played card games. I understand that you have to buy a shit ton of cards to get the few rares you NEED. And I know they make special cards or “chasers” that are super rare and for collecting. I am assuming that all translates into cool and powerful gear for the game. Though I have a feeling, and correct me if I am wrong, but a lot of that stuff is just bragging rights and looking different. I assume that most people don’t spend near that amount and still enjoy the game. Or if they do it is over the course of a few years. (Trying to think how much I spent on Magic cards, but again, I could resell those.)

Hey, I get it, I spend too much on hobbies too. If I enjoy a game I would pay for new content etc. But I have come to loathe the “crack addict” schemes of some games like MTG, and unlike a virtual world, I’d like something to show for it.

You are not wrong. This is just about having shiny looking cards when you play the game. No added benefit, no ability to sell them on later. Basically, it’s horse armor.

See that’s what I thought. I guess he must really, really like the game. But odds are in 5 years he won’t even be playing it anymore.

Where as if I spent $3000 on an Ed Brown or Wilson Combat 1911, I’d still have it and use it, and could sell it or pass it down if I got tired of it.

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