Another free game on Gog. Fantasy General (21 April 2017)

I don’t know how long one will last for.

Fantasy General


Never heard of it. I have an account on GOG, but seldom use it. It looks like a computer Avalon-Hill game. I probably would have liked it 25 years ago.

Yeah, Panzer General was a big hit at the time and Fantasy General came out I think before they went on with Allied General and the rest of the sequels. I had a lot of fun with them back in the day. The one thing I found frustrating, (at least with Panzer/Allied) was that there was a hard turn limit. No matter how badly you had smashed the enemy or how much stronger you were or how close you were to victory, if you didn’t control the key victory hexes by the deadline, you lost. And it was tight. A perfectly-executed plan was all for nothing if you were one hex short. Made it a puzzle to figure out how to get forces into the right places at the right time.

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should be giving it a try

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