Far Cry 7 will feature a real-time time limit

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Screw that noise. The point of these games is to dick around in the open world. If it’s an optional add to a difficulty mode, fine. Required? I’d nope out hard.


I’m sure some people appreciate the added challenge and urgency, but I hate time limits in video games. Running out of free, uninterrupted time to play the game is already a forced time limit, I don’t need another layer on top of that. I play games because I like to explore and immerse myself in the worlds they create. I want to be there, don’t rush me out.


I’m not a big fan of the Far Cry series myself and I can see where people who are used to it being a certain type of open-ended exploratory shoot-em-up affair might take umbrage with this change, but I applaud the developers for taking a chance with such a decisive mechanic. Too many AAA games these days are made to be safe and tame in terms of the requirements they put on the player.

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so long as it’s a game mode or option. there’s a balance between challenging and i have a life to live

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I don’t, because I play games to manage chronic pain and mental illness. It is a distraction that works well, but sometimes the pain or intrusive thoughts get to be too bad to manage playing a game. I know, someone will tell me to pause the game, but sometimes it happens so fast that I have to stop mid game and immediately put the controller down or go AFK.

And if they do put in an option to turn it off, please make it seperate from the general difficulty. I still want a challenge, I don’t want to be stuck in easy mode.


24hrs seems to be very short for a AAA Game; they normally promise thousands of hours of game play.

From the description above I assume the mechanic is that after 24h one of the hostages is executed if you haven’t managed to free them yet. That might end the main story line, but probably doesn’t mean you can’t roam around the open world afterwards and take the sorts of small missions common to Far Cry games.


I think ideally it’d run like the first Dead Rising (I don’t know if the whole series held to this mechanic) where certain events are on a timer and you need to be in a spot at a time to witness/intervene. Dead Rising made it very easy to do multiple playthroughs so that you could slowly gain the knowledge and power to work up to the ‘perfect’ run.


Fuck this noise, make a sequel to Far Cry 2 you cowards! Or maybe a remake.
Just set guard-posts to not respawn for X in-game hours, please. Otherwise leave it all alone.
Random guns that you find on the ground are unreliable? I’m fine with that!
Basically no UI, so if you want to drive and read a map you better be on a straight road? Yup.
Everyone trying to shoot you on sight? Well yeah, you’re a mercenary, who would want you roaming around their already war-torn country?

Far Cry 2 was the highlight of the series so far and Far Cry 3 didn’t have half it’s charm.

(Far Cry 2 was also a deeply flawed game, that most people rightly criticised, but I love it).


kidnapped by a conspiracy group dubbed the ‘Sons of Truth’

It looks like Ubisoft has decided to make the right-wingers howl again.

Set in a contemporary depiction of rural Montana, the game deals with a violent religious militia group named the Project at Eden’s Gate, which is terrorising the inhabitants of the fictitious Hope County into joining its movement. Their aim, it seems, is to bring about some sort of national apocalyptic uprising


we see armed militia terrorising local civilians, dragging them to a river for baptism, darkly patrolling the dusty streets. The group gathers under the edict “Freedom, Faith and Firearms” which is so close to the language of pro-gun religious right firebrands it cannot be coincidence.


This could be a fun new feature for the series. A complete sandbox mode could be switched on for the players who need it or offered after completion of the game. Otherwise this is a way to ramp up tension and give the game some replay value. I look forward to hearing more details about the system.


This may be an upopular opinion, but I just hope Far Cry 7 doesn’t take place on another tropical island. Don’t get me wrong, I loved FC3, but after slogging through FC6 I would prefer to play a game based somewhere in the US (like FC5) or perhaps even Europe. Even FC4 offered a much more diverse landscape.


This is not a selling point for the game. What I enjoy about the Far Cry series is exploring the open worlds they have modeled in painstaking detail. Having to rush through it to finish quests with a ticking clock is not interesting to me. I hope they offer an alternative play mode without the time crunch, because screw that. I’ll pass unless I hear that option is available.


Yeah, it’s crazy that people might expect a game to be enjoyable, amirite? Screw those losers!

That is my main issue with the Souls games (and soulslikes).

I haven’t actually played them but I have watched other people play them, and it just seems soul crushing (pun very much intended).

Yeah, I’m sure you get dopamine from finally defeating an enemy after having studied their every move and tried 100 times, but I’d rather get that same kick from investing that time in learning a real world skill.

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Omg, that is a terrible idea for far cry, we want to stay in this world longer,
Not be rushed through it, we do not want a fortnite style far cey, you already did that with 6, and it failed miserably, come on ubisoft,
The story may be ok, please go with a more classic format for the gameplay and missions, i want a good story, with lots of structure around the main missions, the side missions can be a lot more fleshed out and some of those can be timed, but for the main story, let us just be in this world,
I got a list of thing’s and ideas that would make people love far cry even more, hear me out on this,
First the idea’s for the game setting and environments,

Then ideas for gameplay stuff- some will be returning thing’s, other thing’s expanded and the rest will be new idea’s,

Many people would really love to see a side game- set on a dinosaur island- like jp, or dino crisis, it can be set in the future, or on a different planet, or in a different reality-as ways to make the story work where you will still have normal & futuristic ranged tool’s, an other weapons while there still being tons of dinosaurs, just imagine how epic that could be with the amazing animal ai they have for far cry,
You could hunt the dinos for different skins and upgrades, new powers for weapons, all kinds of cool stuff,
add the ability to study them, learn more about them etc. For rewards,
Of course the game could be set on an exotic tropical island that has man made or alien tech on it, even a city or something like it, it could be slightly eerie if it looks like earth but has lil differences, thing’s that let you know you are in a very unfamiliar place, and the creep factor of the dinos could be turned up to 11 with scary or creepy designs for each of the dinosaurs,

  • it could be a masterpiece,

The next mainline game- far cry 7, should be set in the Amazon- and fictional surroundings, just make it similar but take libertys of course,
Just imagine giant anaconda and similarly big crocodiles, heck if both are done 1 after the other,
The titan boa could be made, or the anaconda, and then the ai, be reused for it’s behavior and attacks, etc. Same with a giant crocodile, and the present type,
Just a lil thing.
Also the feel, it could be slightly funny, but bring that serious tone on, it needs to have stakes, and we need to feel something in this, it needs to feel more impactfull

Now some idea’s for gameplay, just some off the top an some i have wished for for awhile,

1- bring back the search and skin animal’s animation- forget all that quick auto crap, by walking over or being near to collect, it is so immersion breaking,
In fact
2- make hunting a lot more important,
Make it where you need the animal skins for upgrades, pouches gear, all of that good stuff,
Also add a sport aspect to it- like different size and weight for each animal or dino,
It could be a competitive type of thing,
Same with the next thing,
3-make fishing important again,
Add a competitive aspect to it like in the amazing part 5 but add more to it, expand it,
More fish, more challenges, all of that,
Now still connected to water, a new feature that could be amazingly fun & cool,
4-deep sea diving- spear fishing,
Add under water caves and sunkin wreckage to go deep into the ocean to find,
The caves could hold amazing treasures, and be a nightmare challenge to get through,
You could buy or obtain the scuba gear in a mission, it could be upgraded, all of that great stuff to really flesh the feature out,
So with that being a thing, more thought out under water combat would need to be added, especially if there be dinosaurs in the water,
Just imagine epic under water battles with aquatic dinosaurs, would truly be cool,
Maybe even add under water vehicle’s with weapons, to battle the bigger stuff more easily,
5- bring back the skill tree and flesh it out a lot more than previous games, even add better cooler melee moves, add more under water abilitys, maybe even add the ability towards the middle to tame certain dinosaurs, if it is the dino game, that would be truly epic,
6- add a fighting/boxing, etc. Fight club type of missions,
7- add a building feature,
Because we want to spend more time in the world and really keep the game going, adding a physical way to build thing’s would be epic,
Maybe even add the whole gf, wife, type of deal, just a side thing tho, feels like it could be a far cry feature,
8- add split screen co-op for couples and roommate’s,
9- make stealth a lot more viable again, unlike how 6 kind of took that away, the combat needs to feel a lot more heavy hitting like in 5,
And less just rampant running around like a chicken without a head, like how it felt in 6,
10-Please make missions feel more cinematic and less like I’m starting an doing a mission on a mobile game, the set pieces need to be more grand,
Think part 3 and 4, some stuff in 5,
11-add the ability to customize your character more in-depth, better clothing, separate pieces of stuff, add nails options, just a really good character creator, or maybe just as good, 2 main character model options- male and female, that you can change the cloths on, the nails, shoes, just cosmetic stuff, so that way the main character proformance can be a lot more detailed and better,
12- now i gotta explain this one in detail,
When i say, the game should be more repayable- i do not mean like make the game a lot shorter, add a few minor different endings or slightly different mission outcomes that do not really effect anything,
But give us a real reason to replay the game, real differences and variety, more stuff that can only be found in 1 playthtough or another,
Ok, so a good way in my mind to add longevity to a game, would be to add mission variety, also there should be differences in a few missions- where a few different major thing’s can happen depending on the playthrough, that could also lead to different rewards,
Ok so like 1 time you play, and you do 1 mission, it could have 2 or 3 major different set pieces that could lead to different types of mission objectives or outcomes,

For instance, say you play through this 1 mission 1 time, and the villain decides to kick you down a hole, like in 3,
When you wake back up, you could see that you are in a spooky creepy cave, that will turn out to have subterranean flesh eating humanoid creatures that hunt you, and now you must battle to escape,-
On the next playthough instead of that happening, instead you could have the villain set the area on fire- also like 3 right, but these are just examples,
Now you must break free an now be in a fire fight as you try to escape the burning area in time,
And if there is 3, the next playthrough for that mission could play out a lil different, one of your allys could interrupt and kinda save you from certain doom,
the villain falls back sending in some of his top goons to battle you,
And now you are in a sort of battle royale, reminiscent of the one’s in part 4,
Or a timed hold out- where you and the ally must survive wave after wave of baddies, and barricade 2 or 3 entrances to hold the bad guy’s back for a few moments,
Like say 20 or so out of 100 missions have this feature, i mean my god, it would add so much more reasons to replay, because it would be super interesting, it would keep people on thier toes never knowing what to expect this time around,
It would make the game so much more unpredictable and players would absolutely love that i bet,

Also for a business aspect, it would extend the life span of the game, especially if that whole co-op split sceeen option was added,
So for a mainly single player- sometimes coop game, adding some feature like that would be a very important aspect to keeping people interested in playing,
And it would be the perfect opportunity to add more different mission set pieces and outcomes for dlc,
I’m sure most would be happy for that,
And be a lot more accepting of dlc weapons, or skins, all of that good stuff.

Because they won’t just feel like they are being nickel and dimed, they will feel like they got thier money’s worth, and now the extra stuff is the cherry on top.

13-add puzzle towers back, especially in the dinosaur island one, it would work perfectly, make them even more tall and unique, make them more complicated to climb or access,
Heck they could even be the safe points out in the wild,
Like a big fire watch, or dino watch tower, with a cozy safe cabin at the top, to keep the dinos and other enemy’s off your tail,
I am still fascinated with how dying light did thier safe houses, how they really felt cozy and you could feel the horror just waiting on the outside of house or fence at night, and I’m reminded of the epic side mission in that game, that makes you go to the giant bridge at night to change out the light blubs,
How it felt so dangerous yet in certain spots so safe, That is how the towers should feel,
14- very important, add more new enemy types, and not just more animal types, or dinosaur types, there should be a lot of them, and more could be added as dlc, some of the more rare or exotic types, less known,
Definitely bring back the freak animals, the one’s that look unique and are much more powerful and aggressive, those are super fun to find, be even cooler with dinosaurs,
Could make a scary dino even more creepy,
Just imagine a rapter like abomination that had some experiments done on it- now it is all messed up looking, Scars and some extra limbs, it could be all twitchy and it’s behavior when you encounter it can be very strange, like how it hunts you,

But when it comes to other enemy’s there is a lot that can he done to add new types,
Say a vampire one is made or a zombie one, it would be a lot easier for more types of enemy’s,

When it comes to a regular mainline or a dinosaur one, probably a bit tough for other enemy types,
But for the dino world one, like i mentioned earlier, maybe add subterranean flesh eaters, witch have sub categorys, then there could still be normal humans or alien like beings on that planet, or alternate reality, or future, they could have sub categorys,
Maybe some experimental type things on this world island that are super dangerous types of enemy’s, they could all have different types of abilities and strategies,
When it comes to a mainline, besides the regular enemy types, maybe add a 2nd or 3rd faction that you are at odds with, who have thier own types of enemy’s and sub categories,

15-weapons should still be plentiful, and feel a lot more special when you get them and the ability to, they should be powerful & impact full, each should feel different, if it is set in the future, or alt, or dif planet, the world is kind of your oyster in terms of weapon types designs and all that,
But please do not bring back different ammo shapes working better for some vs other’s,
Like still have different types of ammo, but they should all be viable, just some enemy’s can have certain weaknesses to say fire for example,

16-add better side missions that are more fleshed out, and more meaningful stuff to find and collect in the world,.
For side missions i always think back to finding all the masks in 4, in order to uncover who the sk is, once you do it is very lack luster,
But it is still a fun journey, and that side mission in dying light- the bride one, it felt like it had big stakes,
there should be more stuff like that, but more fleshed out, better outcomes and rewards,
When it comes to stuff to collect, of course resources will be important if crafting or building is added,
Maybe adding food to eat, like hunting could give you, that could be a cool thing, maybe it could be a option to turn on or off, if you like the whole survival aspect, but the game shouldn’t be completely survival, so it shouldn’t be a must unless someone liked that a lot,
Maybe stuff like canned goods could be added, and a camping like feature where you could build a camp fire, etc.
Just stuff that could make it feel more like you are in a survival type of situation, not too heavy or restricted, or a must feature, but something that us available,
But otherwise thr game could be more of a hybrid survival horror action shooter,

Those are just a few of the main idea’s off the top, and that i have thought of for awhile, i have some more, maybe will do another post at some point, but it would be amazing if any or more than one of those thing’s was added to the next games, especially if 1 of them is the dinosaur jp like adventure.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Haha, cool :slight_smile:

Far Cry: Kind Hearts and Coronets

Feat. Alec Guinness, Alec Guinness, Alec Guinness, Alec Guinness, Alec Guinness and Alec Guinness

That’s a game I’d like to play


Dead Rising was definitely designed for multiple playthroughs, but nevertheless a perfect run of that game requires a hell of a lot of skill.

Kind of makes me think of Vampyr, where pretty much anybody could be killed but if you went too crazy you could end up missing out on entire storylines because of killing people that need to be alive for the storylines to start/complete.

In some ways it made the game much harder if you wanted to go a “don’t kill anybody” route because you level up much quicker by killing people and you miss out on being able to unlock chests and such. But on the flip side the whole environment gets tougher because the city descends further into chaos.

It was a neat concept.


I should probably amend my earlier statement to say I don’t like video game time limits that lead to game overs or missed content. Two of my favorite games, Majora’s Mask and The Outer Wilds, both have a time loop mechanic that gives the games a sense of urgency, allows for some time-based challenges and force you to plan a bit to accomplish your goals- but when you run out of time, it’s not a game over or getting locked out of the best ending, the time loop resets and you’re once again free to explore, building on what you’ve already experienced to become more efficient and conquer new challenges. You COULD spend a whole loop just enjoying the scenery if you wanted, and the game isn’t going to punish you for lingering too long in the world it’s created.