Ant City


you sure it’s not termites?

Ambrosia beetles, if I’m not mistaken.


Dude, you’re right up the street. What on earth made you go to Ohio for vacation? (Not that I don’t like living here, it’s just an unusual international destination).

Are those indigenous ligniglyphs?

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This is the logline that got the Ant-Man movie made.

Yes, and they didn’t patch the holes in the walls (or anywhere else) or sweep the floors. Not getting their deposit back, either!

not ants. beetles.

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Yet another wonderful chapter in Rob’s odyssey. He’s BB’s very own Kaspar Hauser.

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Dude, haven’t you heard? Everyone from Britain is going on holiday these days to rural Ohio. It’s a thing.

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Hell, I almost got a job there.

That’s probably European Elm Bark Beetle damage. The eggs are laid by the female in the cambium layer under the bark and when they hatch the beetles eat their way out away from each other in that radiating pattern.
Emerald Ash Borer infestations leave a similar pattern also when they attack a tree, but more zig-zag-ey.


Check out Conkle’s Hollow and Cantwell Cliffs while in the area. Well worth it.

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Bark borer beetles. Every place with trees has them, various types.

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