Anti-corruption candidate challenges opponent's billionaire backer to a debate

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Well done, i doubt a debate will happen but it’s a smart move. Would love to see better and stricter rules concerning donations in politics, money is not free speech as it’s currently set up. If this is the case then poor people have no voice, and this is not free speech.


Hehehe, yaaaay Zephyr. She’s great.

Also, the usual mantra: Downticket elections matter a LOT, and if you want to chuck your effort/money/hopes behind some candidates who might be worthy of it (especially if you don’t think the presidential candidates are your cup of tea), check out the list.

NY19 and Teachout are on the list for competitive House elections, with a slight lean toward R, so hers is absolutely a campaign that could use every drop of help they can get!


As a note, Ms. Teachout is running for Congress.


In the US they seem to matter far more than presidential elections. The Sanders supporters need to be focusing their efforts there.


It might be more compassionate for her to kidnap the guy and make a debate happen. If money = speech as these gits are insisting, then it is how she makes sure he is getting his money’s worth.

Back before the 2014 midterm election, John Oliver had a good piece about the agenda driven bill submission copy-pasta from orgs like ALEC, high productivity of state legislatures (especially compared to the congressional deadlock), and the general craziness of who is running things there (many running unopposed). I am assuming things are no different this time around. Plus with all the presidential race shenanigans diverting our attention those situations will be largely overlooked.
I try to keep from getting politically embroiled on my facebook, but I’m gonna be throwing out occasional urgings for my friends and fam to at least go vote and pay attention to the downticket things.


The people of the 19th District are hearing his actual voice.

Money is speech. The Supreme Court says so.


You’ll never win - unless things are bad enough. I was super-political for years. And after years of banging my head against the wall I realized most people just don’t give a shit. They’re too wrapped up in the day to day drudgery of life. As long as they have a roof over there head and 3 squares a day that’s enough for most of them. They can’t, and won’t commit, any time and energy to ensuring democracy works for their benefit because that takes effort. Effort they could otherwise spend sitting on their fat asses watching garbage on network TV. It’s only when things get really bad do we see the bloody revolutions. Then things are great…for a while, and people fall back into those same old patterns. Hence the reason history is cyclical. Wash… Rinse. Repeat. Always repeat.

I’m not in the selling side of bad vibes brokering all that much […] but the thing where whole cities turn out -not- to have had the last 70 years of civil rights progress should be enough despair. Are the scheduled fast zombies for October (Zika also affects Librettists! The SSL patch is self-aware and angry! All your belts up to now have been super stretchy bamboo rayon, but something in your closet has been turning them wooden!) not enough?

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She ran in the nyc elections with Tim Wu. I supported both and am fans of both. Singer is an unpleasant man who had done very well extortion money from Argentina with the help of some odd decisions from ny courts.

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