Electing More Progressives in 2016

You say you want a revolution? Well, here’s some stuff you can do other than crying about Bernie not being the nominee.

This wiki list is the “competitive seats.”

  • In Florida, Marco Rubio is running for re-election. It’s currently a “toss-up.” I like Rocky De La Fuente to replace him. Here’s his campaign site.
  • In Nevada, Harry Reid is retiring. It’s currently a “toss-up.” The Democractic candidate here is Catherine Cortez Masto. She’s got some pretty good positions on her campaign website.
  • In New Hampsire, Kelly Ayotte is our Republican dickweasel. Maggie Hassan is our warrior there. Here’s her site. I can’t find much on her policies, but…well…she’s not Republican. :slight_smile:
  • Honorable mention to Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, one of my personal favorite politicians. His site is here. He’s running for a seat currently occupied by Tea Party gremlin Ron Johonson.
  • Other states worth looking at include Indiana (the imperfect Evan Bayh there), Ohio (the not-great Ted Strickland), and Pennsylvania (the pretty bog-standard Kate McGinty), which are close enough that a bit of push could go a long way.

Here’s a link to the competitive elections for house. I’d take a real close look at anything where the incumbent is R and it’s a Tossup. The House usually deals with much smaller populations than the Senate, so if you’re looking to make an impact, this is where you’ll be felt the most!

Of special mention here is one of @doctorow 's favorite politicians, Zephyr Teachout, running in NY19, against the Reagan-era economics of John Fasso.

Any politicians in your area you are pumped about? Any representatives we should be paying attention to? Where are the close races? I want to know where to throw my money and effort. :slight_smile:


I threw some cash at Pramila Jayapal, Bernie-endorsed candidate for Jim McDermott’s old Congress seat (WA-7th, i.e. Seattle).

From The Stranger’s endorsement of her:

But Jayapal is simply in a class of her own: a fierce, deep thinker who’s been called the “next Elizabeth Warren.” She wants to remake the Democratic Party into the truly progressive, pro–working class, pro–racial justice party that it claims to be. Jayapal went toe-to-toe with the Bush administration after 9/11, founding “Hate Free Zone” (now OneAmerica), stopping the deportations of innocent Somalis, and registering thousands of immigrant families to vote. As a Washington state senator representing South Seattle, she took a stand against members of her own party who tried to push through shady laws at the behest of payday lenders and launched a campaign to get rid of the state’s racist landmarks.

The other high-profile ones I’m aware of are Tim Canova running against DWS in FL-23, and Zephyr Teachout in NY-19 (as championed by @doctorow when she was running for NY Gov). I think Larry Lessig/Mayday PAC have endorsed both?


Umm…I don’t think so.

That’s some insightful, hard-hitting political commentary right there. Do you write for the WSJ, by any chance?

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I gather you’ve not seen recent news about Grayson.

Added: Here’s a typical report:


That’s useful, thank you. If you’d linked right away, I wouldn’t have snarked.


Sorry; I’d assumed this would have been well-known to people looking at threads like this. The story is all over the place. (It makes me sad, since Grayson’s abrasive outspokenness has been kind of refreshing.)


Oh yes, that sounds awful.

Fortunately, there’s apparently a pool of like a million people running for that seat. I’ve replaced him with Rocky De La Fuente, who seems to have a lot of decent positions, and identifies as a progressive (and wasn’t a fan of DWS, either!)


Tammy Duckworth is running for Senate in Illinois. The congressional seat she’s leaving looks safe, but it would fantastic to have her as a Senator, and that race will be tough. However, her appearance at the convention will probably ensure she has a decent warchest.


That was the other guy running for President this year, no?

Yeah, he was one of 'em. Came in 3rd in a lot of races.

Looking good so far:



(also, that stupid elevated park idea has been rejected, so yay for that)

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Yay… I imagine MrsTobinL is checking too even though she is off having fun doing some house sitting in BC.

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Yeah I had no clue what that one was till I did some reading and was like umm the structure is collapsing, how is this a good idea?


Missouri had its state primary yesterday.

My picks for Attorney General, Secretary of State and Treasurer made it in, but we apparently can’t get rid of our district’s basically useless Congressman (he and his father have warmed the same chair for 45 years). None of the Bernie supporters / BLM activitsts from Ferguson made it in; the Democratic party establishment is still firmly entrenched.

In St Louis County, the Dem/GOP numbers are within a percentage point – but in Missouri as a whole, Republicans outnumbered Dems 2.1:1. Unless Trump starts literally wiping his ass with an American flag on live TV, there’s very little chance he won’t take this state easily in November.

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