Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic party nomination for president

In order to make decisions that align with your goals, yes, you do have to believe the predictions of science. That’s because reality doesn’t care if you believe in it.


You’ll have to forgive my lack of excitement, since being moderately less evil and scary than Trump or happening to possess a different set chromosomes than previous presidents doesn’t really seem to me like great reasons to get excited.


“Tea Party” = “the Trumpenproletariat” is a common misconception here.

The original tea party was about rolling back regulations, reducing federal expenses, and encouraging economic growth. (with which I am in agreement)

The Trump movement is about tariffs, personal vendettas by the President, and letting the current deficits grow to infinity. Somehow by letting him ooze his sheer awesome Trumpishness all over everything, our problems are supposed to be fixed. (I don’t entirely disagree with Trump on immigration. If it’s fair to restrict H1b’s to protect the jobs of degree holding tech worker citizens, it’s likewise fair to protect the jobs of unskilled and semi skilled worker citizens too)

And that’s why I can’t support Trump, even though I despise Clinton as I do.

What the USA needs is leaders who will tell us that we have been running up unsustainable levels of debt for decades now, and that it’s going to take more decades of what a great man called “blood, toil, tears and sweat” to get us back on a sound footing.

Instead, we get Trumps, Clintons and Sanders’ who tell us there is a “quick fix” that will be painless for their respective constituencies, because someone else (who is emphatically Not Them) will pay for it all.

The American public desire not truth, but soothing lies.


Holy crap! I think that movement might be attributed to more than just one speech though, but a mix of her nailing what she needed to nail, not only putting a lot of Bernie’s agenda into her platform, but advocating for many of those planks in her speech in a way that sounded like she sincerely cared about them, a DNC that showed an amazingly positive contrast to the RNC, Obama’s full-throated backing (he’s one of the most popular 2nd term Presidents), Kaine’s intro. to most of the electorate as a guy who at least seemed like a warm, thoughtful, genuinely good guy, topped off with a number of effective critiques of Trump.

The campaign has also started pushing ads using the theme of mom and pop businesses discussing Trump hiring them then either not paying them or hardballing them to take pennies on the dollar for their work while threatening them with lawyers if they didn’t and the economic troubles they personally suffered as a result. While it’s not the worst he’s done, it’s powerful since it’s something viscerally horrible to everyone across party lines.


It’s crazy to watch everybody going full-lemming right now, many people even saying the exact same phrases, choked with emotion. I have never been more proud of myself for acquiring critical thinking skills. It’s unreal. Thanks for not being cowed into silence. The belittling of thruth-speakers is getting tiresome.


This is your periodic reminder that if you’d like to put some folks in office likely to join Warren and Sanders in pressuring her to do the right thing, we’re pulling together a list of folks who could use your help over here. The best way to pressure Hilary to deliver on these campaign promises is to put other folks in office who want to deliver on these promises!


The obvious point is that a politician who believes in science will be more likely to make evidence-based decisions instead of, say, denying the reality of global warming.


Congratulations on your historic and groundbreaking accomplishment this day.


I’m not willing to hand over the definition of “believe” to religion.

The scientific method gives good results since hundreds of years, so I’m sure it’s a viable principle. I can believe in scientific results without reading (and understanding…) the papers or replicating the experiments myself.


Your critical reasoning skills might be highly hampered by your evidence gathering skills at this point. “Everybody”? “Full-lemming”? You’ve mistaken your opinions for data again.


Oh yeah, it’s the post-convention bump. But in this case it’s more like a post-convention beating.

It was a great speech and it made me feel better about her as a possible president, but some of the content was downright disturbing from my point of view (I think I was taking flak for saying she would go to war with Russia and her speech contained a straight up, “Yeah, I’d even go to war with Russia” moment). On the other hand, though, some of the content was way better than I could have realistically dreamed a month ago.

Your next president is going to start World War III regardless of who you pick. But at least Clinton is going to try to do something about student debt. Hopefully that will mean more young people can afford to build concrete fallout shelters.


+16 is a YUUUUUGE convention bump. Trump’s was, what, like 3%? If that +16 is for reals, it sounds like all that needs to happen for Hill to lock this down is to not screw up in the next few months, and to keep saying the things that make lefties and angry mid-westerners smile.

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Most of the time when I watch a politic speech I think things like, “Oh, you should have said X”. There was one moment in Clinton’s speech where I thought, “You should have said X” but then I realized, she did.

Well, let’s take a closer look. In Atlantic City, 60 miles from here, you’ll find contractors and small businesses who lost everything because Donald Trump refused to pay his bills. Now remember what the President said last night – don’t boo, vote.

People who did the work and needed the money, and didn’t get it – not because he couldn’t pay them, but because he wouldn’t pay them. He just stiffed them. That sales pitch he’s making to be your president? Put your faith in him – and you’ll win big? That’s the same sales pitch he made to all those small businesses.

Yeah, she went ahead and said it. His pitch for president is just like his real estate pitches, his business pitches. He walked away from those bankruptcies just fine.

I’ll keep saying it: Some of the things she said in that speech were the opposite of what I wanted to hear, but they were from her party platform. I disagree with some parts of the platform and I like other parts. But in terms of just being a speech? It was gold.


Congress isn’t ready for someone like Warren. Her time will come, though. I hope.


You obviously don’t appreciate the rarity of critical thought or the effort it takes to acquire the ability to do so these days. An argument can be made that many of our electoral woes would be non-existant if Americans valued critical thought and prioritized it in our educations. Congratulations for feeling the need to insult my expression of happiness at being free from the current deluge of bullshit and hysteria. I am mostly self-educated, grew up in an aliterate working class family, in poverty, and spent a lot of my adult life in intellectual poverty. So for me, learning to think is an accomplishment. Try it yourself someday, it’s truly liberating.


Just in case you forgot to critically analyze your own post, I’ll offer a pointer. If you start off your self-congratulatory diatribe with an insult calling everyone lemmings, while acting as though any you disagree with are failing to engage in critical thought, you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s not received with praise and wonder.

Do you really think this is going to make anyone you disagree with think, “oh, I guess I’ve never engaged in critical thought, I’ll try it out.”? If you stop being obnoxious to other people, they’ll probably relate to you better.


And you’ve mistaken a blog comment section where people discuss issues informally for a peer-reviewed journal. How exactly do you expect me to state that opinion differently? These are discussions about largely subjective issues.

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Wow. The irony here is a little too much. I don’t do personal fights. But I will state that you are completely misrepresenting what I said, in fact and spirit.

You obviously don’t appreciate the rarity of female heads of state or the effort it takes to acquire the ability to elect one these days. An argument can be made that many of our social woes would be non-existent if Americans valued equality between men and women and prioritized it in their educations. Congratulations for feeling the need to deride women’s expression of happiness at being free from the current deluge of sexism.

Edit: apologies; quoted the wrong post