Laurie Penny at the DNC: "Dissent will not be tolerated. Protest will not be permitted."

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The heartache, however, hangs in the air too thick to dismiss, and it’d be great if those calling for instant unity could show some respect and give the people five minutes to grieve.

That’s the word I was looking for, “Respect”. The machine insists on getting respect for its stranglehold on our process, but refuses, on principle, to show any. Sure, the Bernie or Bust crowd don’t help things any, but theirs seems the only possible outcome in a world devoted to the lesser evil.

This is a great article.


Elections this year is a god damn mess. When things can’t seem to get worse something new pops up, like Trump calling on a foreign nation (Russia) to get involved in Federal and election affairs. Or Bernie doubling down on supporting Hilary despite the fact that the leaked DNC emails solidly prove that he was screwed over by his party.

I know it’s crystal clear for me that the only option is to vote for Hilary, but this election year is going to give me an anxiety attack. Like for real. I’ve been having a slow building existential crisis, because i’ve already personally experienced political/social Armageddon at the hands at Hugo Chavez and had to help my family leave the country. Now i gotta deal with this shit all over again here in the US. Great




“Dissent will not be tolerated. Protest will not be permitted.”

Neither of those things is true. Hyperbole doesn’t help your case.


The RNC’s show of unity was helped by the fact that the hall was half empty, while the Democrats’ disarray amounted to around 150 protesters among thousands of delegates. The Republicans unhappy with their ticket are harder to see, but there are more of them.


HERB TARLEK: "The whole world is in revolution. And not just here, but everywhere. And you know who’s at war? It’s The Dungarees v. The Suits. The whole world is in two armed camps. Over here you have The Dungarees and over here The Suits.
Remember the rise in the 50s? It was The Dungarees v. The Suits. And then Watergate. Those guys arrested were wearing dungarees and who suffered for it?"

LES NESSMAN: "The Suits."
HERB TARLEK: "Exactly."
LES NESSMAN: "There are issues Herb."
HERB TARLEK: "The issues, Les, are a smokescreen. Now listen. When a son disobeys his father, what’s he wearing?"
LES NESSMAN: "The son? um… dungarees!"
HERB TARLEK: "And what’s the father got on?"
LES NESSMAN: "Probably a suit!"
HERB TARLEK: "You see what I mean Les? And you know what’s worse? The fathers are beginning to wear dungarees too!"
LES NESSMAN: "That’s right!"
HERB TARLEK: "So are the mothers!"
LES NESSMAN: "It’s just like the Body Snatchers."
HERB TARLEK: "Exactly! The Body Snatchers! The Dungarees are forcing The Suits right off the face of this earth! But we can’t allow this to happen!"
LES NESSMAN: "What do we do Herb?"
HERB TARLEK: "We’ve gotta get tough. I’ve got an idea that’ll turn this whole thing to our advantage. Get us back some of the jobs that we used to handle around here. I mean Travis cannot cut us out of everything."
LES NESSMAN: "I’m with ya Herb!"
HERB TARLEK: "Good. Let’s go see the Big Guy."
LES NESSMAN: "Herb, you know who I think is behind all this?"
LES NESSMAN: "Levi Strauss."
HERB TARLEK: “Could be.”


This wouldn’t be an issue of the DNC and Clinton campaign were consistently on the up-and-up with Sanders rather than trying to push a specific candidate through the primaries. I’m still annoyed at the way the debates were handled, and while the E-mail dump isn’t horrible, it’s supportive of the whole ‘The DNC was taking sides throughout almost the entire process’

Now that all that’s in play, the DNC and Clinton campaign STILL could’ve gotten in front of most of this by being gracious winners and embracing the progressive ideals that so many people were behind. Instead there’s been more of a ‘Clinton won, now all the Sanders people have to shut up and vote for her…regardless of whether or not issues that brought you to Sanders are respected’ attitude.

I’m not sure if there’s just some doubling-down going on or the DNC is actually hostile to being enthusiastically progressive.

Either way…too bad we can’t have a do-over or just keep Michelle in the White House.


Everyone wants to be HST.

But the more diligently you try, the farther it recedes from your grasp.


Hey, you Democrats let the Clinton family take over your party like parasitic wasps, you can’t blame that on Rush Limbaugh or Free Republic.

The Republicans who object to Trump (and there are many) at least had the integrity to stay away from the convention, they did not show up to kiss the ass of their corrupt candidate.


I’m not sure if there’s just some doubling-down going on or the DNC is actually hostile to being enthusiastically progressive.

When Clinton is asking anti-trump republicans for money, you can tell she’s going to move as far right as it takes. She doesn’t see any advantage, any “safety” in moving left, it’s we the votors who must move right, with our, “less awful than Trump” choice. Her strategy couldnt work by simply getting more votes than Sanders, it only works if Sanders is silenced. Anything more progressive, risks alienating her new allies on the right.



Did you mean Ms Clinton, the woman who won the primaries, and whose opponent worked with her and the DNC to adopt his progressive views?

I’m not sure what your point is on these threads, but you’re being willfully ignorant, and as far as I can tell, you’re just here to provoke and irritate people for fun, correct?


She’s an anti-vaxer. (Jill Stein, not Hillary)


This article is unfortunate. Basically, the author appears to want to take this opportunity to write some negative apocalyptic journalism, and this seems like a good opportunity, so there we go. I don’t know how the election is going to turn out, but articles like this aren’t helping. There’s some good stuff in here (e.g., male politicians should be held to account as Hillary is), but for the most part it’s all about slouching toward Bethlehem. Sorry, but this is not a Manichean struggle. It’s just American politics. Stop reading scary stuff, stop even reading the fucking news, do a little research, and go vote for the politician who says things that you agree with. That’s what Democracy is about. Quitcherdamsnivlen.


o_0 eh… what now? Maybe I am reading this wrong. If you think Hillary will be a better president than Trump overall, you are probably right. If you think she is going to adopt anything that looks like Sanders platform or make a lot of positive changes as president, I am afraid you are going to be let down in 4 years or so.


In retrospect, it does appear the author is trying to exactly that. It’s really quite a meaningless piece, devoid of any real substance and reeks of “preaching to the choir”. I can’t see many people who aren’t already fed up with the system getting anything out of this, as it purely mirrors those feelings without providing those “shocks” that makes good gonzo so effective.


How about on the conservative justices who shoved Citizens United down our throats?

The Republicans who object to Trump (and there are many) at least had the integrity to stay away from the convention, they did not show up to kiss the ass of their corrupt candidate.

How the hell do you know that Democrats who object to Clinton didn’t also stay away? As for Republicans who object to Trump, give me a break – MANY of them have held their noses to do an about-face and suddenly start supporting Trump.