What Hillary Clinton sounded like 47 years ago


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This is a Hillary I feel like I could vote for. I guess decades of playing politics can wear down all but the toughest of idealists.


Politics is a contact sport, all right, and she’s taken far more hits than my man, Bernie Sanders. They’ve taken their toll, but I’ll happily vote for her.


What is the accent of the woman who introduced Hillary?

Also, do people’s voices normally lower over time even if they aren’t smokers?


Transatlantic. http://boingboing.net/2015/11/18/why-do-people-in-old-movies-ta.html


Visual aid:


Californians! Get out the VOTE, regardless of who you vote for.


Kind of sad about how she started off with “let’s make the impossible possible” and ended with “well, a lot of stuff is SO difficult, let’s just slightly muck about with what we already have.” I won’t criticize someone for getting jaded as they grow up, but I’m not sure that’s the sort of vision we need as a leader.


Reuters has Clinton with 26 delegates short of clinching the nomination.

I know, I know. MSM math.


He’s going for that ever popular lion look?


I for one am happy to vote for her. She’s tough as nails and she’ll bring along the Big Dog. I’d be happy to vote for Bernie too. The man is a stand up guy, mb a little quirkier than the run-of-the-mill machine politician. I for one think the winner of the D nom should offer the loser (actually runner-up winner) the VP slot. Offer it to Bernie three times and watch the Bern ignite a real movement. e pluribus unum!


I voted for Bernie. Clearly the best choice. That said, Clinton is obviously up to the task and would probably be the best administrator out of the bunch (including the Republican also-rans).

I don’t even mind that she’s gotten jaded. I turn 40 this year. There’s a lot of stuff that I used to consider possible. I’ve realized life is compromise. We’re all vying to make our subjective reality into everyone’s objective reality. The only way to get close is constant give and take.


It’s poignant to see the endearing dork who time and politics would eventually wither into present-day Hillary. I guess, when people call you a cold-hearted murdering harridan bitch every single time you open your mouth, after a few decades your personality becomes more guarded.

But to her credit, this does sound like the person I would have imagined modern Hillary to be, if she could be who she wanted.


Indeed. And it is a sad state of affairs that the conservative attacks on Hillary from the 1990s are being recycled by some Sanders supporters in this election cycle. The personal attacks and hate are really too much and don’t contribute to any sort of dialogue. The hate coming from many Sanders supporters makes it hard to really embrace some of the good ideas that the Sanders campaign has contributed or to even take them seriously.


Well that was before she murdered Vince Foster and betrayed her country at Benghazi.


/s? perhaps you forgot something


Kind of said also that she basically said almost next to nothing in these excerpts. They’re lofty sounding words, but they don’t amount to much that’s at all concrete, which is strange given the times in which they were recorded. All of which has helped make her a quintessential establishment U.S.-empire politician, I guess.


I think the /s is so obvious that it’s not necessary.




Yes, I was joking. She had my vote the minute Sanders dropped out.