John Hodgman endorses Hillary Clinton


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Roy Moore is still in the running because "values voters" would support Satan himself if he was anti-abortion and homophobic

I always look to celebrity endorsements before deciding how to vote.


Well, if you’re going to vote for a conservative, there are certainly greater evils than Clinton.


“But today I am voting for Hillary Clinton.”

That’s a joke, right?


Oh yay, more Evil of Two Lessers-ism, argument from authority, and avoidance (or maybe just ignorance?) of just how far to the right Mrs. Bill Clinton actually is.

Roy Moore is still in the running because "values voters" would support Satan himself if he was anti-abortion and homophobic

Breaking news:
Justin Long endorses Bernie Sanders.

Hodgman and Long will debate the merits of their prospective candidates in front of a white screen.





I think what troubles me the most about some Hillary supporters is that they seem to basically be doing it by default. I could be mis-reading, but Hodgman’s argument seems to generally be “She really wants it, and she is pretty skilled, so I would like to give it to her.”

“By default” is not the way I voted for Obama, and it’s not the way you will get people to the polls on voting day to vote for Clinton Mk. II. The non-crazies might still win, but if we’re going to return to “the politics of Meh,” it won’t be something we can keep going.


Hodgman has never channeled his “condescending guy” character more completely than dropping a fat, thinly veiled “You young kids and your desire for radical change, you’ll see when you get older…”


Less so. All of a sudden.


Cast as PC , true to form


I was fully expecting to see a facetious “endorsement” of Hillary via his Daily Show deranged millionaire persona because that was the only “endorsement” of a plutocrat that would make sense.



Should have seen it coming


Weirdly, the disappointing sellout from the UK adverts was the Mac guy.

(not actually sure who David Mitchell supports, TBH)


No, I think his post is more to address vocal complaints for not voting for Hillary from the Sanders supporters, along with a few reasons to actually support her (although the ratio of these two rhetorical points in his post is telling.) I voted for Bernie enthusiastically, but I’m not threatening to stay home on election day and let the Orange Blimp become president out of spite. In all likelihood, a Clinton administration would be a colorless bag of sand, but even that is welcome in the face of a flood.

I suspect that Hodgman knows his fanbase, knows that a good fraction of them disagree with his choice, and he shaped his argument appropriately - and, more importantly, respectfully. And as a fan who disagrees with him on this point, I can deal with that.


That would be a good explanation for the rather milquetoast endorsement - if he’s afraid of alienating his fans with his position, he might put it more softly.

And there’s a lot of Bernie fans who can be massive jerkpiles about disagreement.

I suppose the fact that I don’t find it a persuasive reason to vote for Hillary is because it’s not really supposed to be, then.

I think it is a moment to consolidate and continue our gains
Oh yeah, all those gains. So many gains it's hard to keep track of them all.


Wait, you people had the two Peepshow guys as Mac & PC?