Samantha Bee interviews a panel of Sanders supporters

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Not feeling so disappointed I can’t get TBS now.


yes, it’s hilarious how samantha can smuggly vote for a war monger who is owned by the banks and laugh at people who actually vote in their own interest.


And those weren’t even the funniest parts!

I didn’t even know Bee had a show. I recently started watching Oliver’s show and I’m going to add this to my DVR as well.

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It’s really good. It’s all on youtube as well if you want to catch up on it. She’s way better than every other ‘political comedy’ host IMO.


Her criticism about safe senators still being obstructionist jagoffs is spot-on…though it’d be just as true in Hillary’s America as in Bernie’s, I think.

This is part of why 2018 and on is a key part of this - hopey changey stuff isn’t an overnight thing, and while Bernie is an important figure in this, he can’t be the only or the last. (The fact that Elizabeth Warren was mentioned is a good sign that he’s not!)


If not more so–the GOP has spent the last couple of decades painting Clinton as the Beast Incarnate; if anything she’d get worse treatment than Obama.



Maybe not for everything.


Are there others beside Samantha Bee and John Oliver?

The Sanders / GOP diagram would pretty much be two disjoint sets, right? Does that mean nothing would get done? If so, then is a vote for Sanders just a vote for the status quo?

Well, I agree with the Venn diagram’s common policy positions. However, I don’t buy that Republican reps and senators would necessarily support these issues if Hillary is president. I think they’d be just as obstructionist with her as they would be with Bernie and as they have been with Barack.


You’re probably right. They did actively oppose their own healthcare system mandating private insurance for everyone, after all.


Unless, and this is key, we change over Congress as well, which can’t be that difficult when Congresspeople and a third of the Senate are up every two years.

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Well, look how much of a struggle it was getting “Obamacare” passed when it essentially a rehash of a Republican concept. Some Republicans still oppose it even though it was a coup for the stockholders of privatized insurance.

I want Bernie and universal healthcare, but I’m not buying my Republican neighbor’s argument that I should vote for Hillary rather than Bernie because the Republicans in Congress will suddenly have an epiphany and support Hillary. I mean these are the people who’ve hated her since Bill was first sworn into office.


I can’t imagine that any Republican who votes for Clinton proposed legislation is going to do very well in their next primary.

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That was actually pretty gentle.


She’s wrong. The difference is Bernie Sanders is working alongside a massive, energized base of grassroots supporters that’s composed of a massive amount of Independent voters who can and will unseat obstructionist Republicans AND bluedog Democrats. These are the same Independent voters that are pretty pissed that they are being disenfranchised against voting in the primary against Clinton. Independents will be coming out with a vengeance in the general election for Bernie and afterwards.

That’s been the widely accepted plan since our massive, nationwide, livestreamed meeting back in summer of 2015 with over 100,000 supporters at hundreds of locations across the country.

Also, her smarmy joke that there’s no plan to break up the banks is parroting corporate media bullshit. Bernie has laid out a plan for that if one bothers to look.

I find the timing of bashing Bernie and his supporters with misleading pretenses that his policies are fantastical the night before the New York primary very suspect as well.

Perhaps instead of a unicorn pecking on Samantha’s arm, it should have been a little pig that represents the monied interests that funds her paycheck?

As soon as I saw this segment, I knew it would be posted to Boing Boing and it would be Jason who posted it.

You’re becoming rather predictable, @jlw .


I want Bernie and universal healthcare

The problem is, even if you get the first, the odds of getting the second are still pretty long.

In that video, Bee asks what they want Sanders to achieve on his first day in office. The guy answered:

  • raise the minimum wage
  • implement universal healthcare
  • end citizens united

Really? You think those are things he could accomplish on day one? Optimism is great, but you can’t lose track of how things actually happen.

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