What's in the box?

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Call me back when they make Bernie Sanders and Sliders cross over art


What’s in the box?




Reminded me of this…


Brutal, unadulterated… pain…

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So is she human?


Well she hasn’t pulled her hand out yet, if anything she asking for more.


Look, I’m gonna come right out and say that I think Hillary would do a good job as president, much better than the clowns vying for the Republican nomination, and that Bernie Sanders is just too damn old for my taste. And that she knows pain, and can laugh in its face.

Bernie Sanders was born in 1941
Hillary Clinton was born in 1947
That makes him six years older than her. So do you wanna rephrase that, or do you view six years as some gargantuan leap?

The only thing she laughs in the face of, is the [questions she’s asked and dodges instead][1].
She would make a rubbish president and is purely a corporatist.
Aren’t you Americans tired of Bushes and Clintons yet?
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hillary+clinton+dodges+question


At least Sanders isn’t a Boomer.


There’s a lot of things he ain’t, and they’re all good.


I thought that - as part of their post “is”-gate agreement - she kept Bill’s dick in the box.
I assume that the pic is showing her contractual monthly fondle.


Maybe it’s Bill’s cigar.


So riddle me this, Batman: who other than the two retirement-age Democrats do you recommend? True, I am averse to dynasties (thank Eris none of the Reagan kids were interested in public office!), but the 2016 field is looking rather thin on alternatives. Biden doesn’t have the energy to go through another bid, and though I love him to bits I would rather he not punish himself any more, not after his personal losses. And to be really, really honest, I find Hillary barely edges out Bernie, but enough that we don’t need to see the instant replay. It’s her experience dealing with the idiots at Fox and all the other haters, together with being under 70 rather than over it that edge her from 95% sure (as I am with Bernie) to 98%.

I have a cousin who does work for Democratic candidates in the Midwest (what exactly I cannot remember), and he pretty much agrees with me: right now, there are none with the recognition or the desire to run. Pelosi is best where she is now, ditto for Elizabeth Warren, Gore doesn’t want it any more and none of the governors out there have the experience or the name recognition. Most likely the guy chosen as VP candidate will be one that will grow into the role.

I don’t recommend any others. As you rightly say of the others, none seem suitable. I recommend Bernie Sanders. He has the ideas, the policies, the clean track-record, the political experience and is free from corporate sponsorship.
And if Hillary won, she’d turn 70 in her 3rd year, so saying that 70 is the age-limit you’d accept seems to be based on nothing other than an error in age-ism and your cousin agreeing with you.


Bernie WILL beat the rich with a stick and feed the poor with what falls out. If you can’t handle those politics, then I suggest Trump or Carson.


I’m uninformed, not calling you out, so please forgive. Where can I find this?

I know it only because I lived in Vermont for 25 years and this is his ethos. And lately he’s been going on and on about it. I don’t have a single source… you’d have to just start reading about him, go back and get a few transcripts of his old speeches. The point is he’s not pandering. He’s never pandered. Like, ever. It’s not his style. He has been consistently in favor of rational redistribution of wealth from the beginning and I expect it never to change.



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