Photo of Bernie Sanders being arrested in 1963 Chicago protest

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My savior!


Today, it is perhaps the most relevant photo of the sixteen, but some of the others, which do not feature Bernie Sanders, are more gripping.


Some of Sanders’ Democratic Party adversaries…

Any particular adversaries? Who would those be? Has Lincoln Chaffee been making trouble again?


I’d be 100% on board with muck-raking, agitating Bernie - EXCEPT that he’d still toss Edward Snowden in jail from what I can tell.
On the other hand, there’s no way in hell I’m voting for his rival.


Is this the same Democratic Party adversary that claims Sanders is a single issue candidate?


To be fair, CORE was an interracial group from its founding and that’s the group he was working with.

I also, think there is a reason he’s not trumpeting the fact that he did this, because he want’s to avoid the “white savior” meme, because he realizes it’s patronizing. And it is.


C’mon now. Let’s put this in perspective.

And she was working for Goldwater in the 60s, so, yeah.


I’m sure if his skin was darker he would have faced much worse.


Kind of highlights the age of these candidates, don’t you think?

but she came around. Eventually.


Your graphic states that Sanders “claims he sacrificed for racial equality.” Can you provide a quote showing that Sanders used the word “sacrificed” in that context?


The fact that I did not meet him in the movement does not mean I doubted that Sen. Sanders participated in the Civil Rights Movement, neither was I attempting to disparage his activism. Thousands sacrificed in the 1960s whose names we will never know, and I have always given honor to their contribution. - Representative John Lewis.

Let’s not employ cheap derision against those that we purport to be allied with.


Sure. And I don’t think that her having worked for Goldwater is necessarily to her detriment over all, because people can change and there is nothing wrong with coming to a new point of view as one ages. I will say that I think the democrats have moved to the right since the Clinton years (or maybe since the Carter years?), and I do think that the Clintons are in part responsible for that, given their pragmatism. They are willing to go with the flow and embrace corporatism, if a more measured kind, rather than backing an agenda that I agree with. Maybe I’m just getting more radical as I age, but I’m really at the point where enough is enough.


What he needs is a shill at a press conference to bring this up so he can say basically what you said “I’m not some hero, the real heroes are the black men and women who stood up to this awful bigotry every day and persevered.”


That’s one of the endearing things about Bernie, he doesn’t need a shill. He’s said it himself, last August, in South Carolina.

It got 48 views. What he needs is help amplifying his message.


Yeah, except he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’d use a shill (even for something like this). He’s been pretty focused on his core message and hasn’t wavered on that, even when the general election conversation has shifted, like it did with the Paris attacks. I saw him at a rally a couple of weeks after that happened, and he didn’t even mention it… it was amazing, actually, because that’s what everyone else has shifted to. Then again, that could work to his disadvantage when it comes to social justice/civil rights issues, as not everyone prioritizes economic issues, for good reasons.


I find it continually amazing to read any number of highly engaged people talking about Sanders (and Trump) as if their campaigns are somehow similar to the campaigns that have worked in the last 30 years or so.

Both of them are campaigning from the outside in, a huge shift. Kucinich tried it a few years ago and got basically nowhere. Nader tried it more than once and it is an open question whether he did more harm than good.

But the ground has shifted and most of our media sources are still reporting as if it’s a classic horserace and campaign for who can get the most money in donations etc. I really think we are into a different era here. Very dangerous (Trump etc), but also very full of opportunity for positive changes.

My wife is a lifelong activist and campaigner who has slowly morphed into a sort of lobbyist, albeit from a progressive point of view. Where we live she has learned to work with the machine to get anything done, which makes a lot of sense in an incrementalist, constructive engagement process. However, that only applies when the ground is solid. I don’t think that is what is happening in the current US presidential race.

Nobody expected Sanders or Trump to be anything like a viable candidate. Half of what I read is some form of the ‘how did this happen’ article or post, where everyone who ‘knows how things work’ is trying to write this off as a statistically weird artifact. That’s not what is happening.

To be honest I think the party machines on both sides will eventually make sure neither Trump nor Sanders get the nomination (though Trump might pull it off as the Rs are in the process of self destructing). If either of them actually does get the nomination I hope they get extremely good security teams, as there are some seriously powerful vested interests who would not want them to succeed.

But they are both laying the groundwork for another model of political reality - which has yet to be recognized as anything but anomaly by the current insiders. I don’t think the future will look much like the past. If we get the economic upheaval that is currently being predicted by many over the next few years, I think the next few elections are going to be utterly terrifying and exhilirating. We live in interesting times.


That’s exactly why he needs a shill.

I don’t think of a shill as inherently evil, it’s just a tool to draw attention to a message. It’s the message itself that is good or bad. Public Enemy used a Hype Man (Flava Flav) to great effect, and it didn’t detract from their message.

/My grandfather was a carnival shill when he was a little kid so I have a soft spot for the trade.


I shudder to think what would happen to the USA, nay, the world if Candidate or even President Sanders or Trump was assassinated, especially through some murky scheme perpetrated by apparent special-interest groups.

The upheaval would be terrifying.


None of this was ever really about Bernie. And it never came from Hillary’s campaign. It came from Black people (including some of us who support Bernie) who were tired of patronizing white Sanders supporters showing up and spamming us with “Bernie marched with MLK” in response to every single question or criticism of Sanders by Black people.