Samantha Bee interviews a panel of Sanders supporters

Fuck you, delete my account.


Sadly, he can’t answer you for a few weeks.

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Well then, I have my fingers crossed that there’s another “Clinton or Sanders” comment thread next month!

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How can you be a Bernie promoter when you keep burning your bridges?


We don’t have a Cow, man.


I never said day one. Although they may be overly optimistic (as Samantha Bee’s point), I think their desires are spot on.

If you don’t want universal healthcare, that’s fine, but many of us hope to keep chipping away at the system until it becomes a right.

But you also took one throw away line out of context. My point is that all democrats are fooling themselves if they think that their candidate is preferable to the other in the eyes of their Republican peers.


I was really more astounded by the guy in the video thinking those are reasonable accomplishments for day one. That wasn’t directed to you, although re-reading it I can see that I wasn’t clear.

Oh man, this x 1000! The polarization is so extreme in DC that if Hillary goes far enough to the right, the Republicans might start pushing a leftist agenda. I sometimes wonder if the system needs to collapse before it can be fixed.


That very well could happen. I think most of us agree that the GOP is just bat-shit crazy. :neutral_face:


Bernie supporters are the new Trump supporters.

Dreadful. Here’s an idea for a follow-up segment, Samantha! Go to Walter Reed VA Hospital, get a group of injured soldiers together, and show them 2 clips. One clip is Hillary joining Republicans to support the Iraq War and then “standing by her decision” even after W himself admitted there were no WMDs. Then show a clip of Sanders speaking out passionately against it. Then show unicorns.


Ah, further evidence she’d be a Republican if it weren’t for abortion: psychological projection.

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I listened to it. She is doing her job as a satirist. Her problem is less with Sanders and more with the political process that is fucked. Thinking things will somehow be different is wishful thinking. Assuming Obama wasn’t 100% sincere in wanting to change things, and Sanders is 100% sincere, he still has to get over the main obstacle of the President doesn’t actually make the laws. She is 100% right that many of his ideas will probably never see fruition, until you elect hundreds of Sanders clones into Congress. (Guess what, Trump isn’t going to get his wall built either, even if he really wanted to build one.)

The supporters have a point that constant outrage might spark more change - but Americans as a whole are WAAAAAYYYY too placated for that.


i think that’s changing. i’d say even the fact sanders is doing well is a sign. the wars, the recession, the stagnation of income… people know things aren’t the way they should be.


Eh - we will see. Bitching about it and doing something about it are two different things. And I am not saying some change won’t happen. Getting the corporate tax rate back up, or finance regulations, etc are doable. But sweeping change and reform, I don’t see it.

We don’t have the passion for the Arab Spring, and you aren’t going to get the most impassioned people on the left and the right to join hands to tear down the system because they are too busy calling each other commies and fascists.


A small number of them anyway. Enough to make Trump beat Clinton? We might find out.

I really love Bee’s show, I love how mean she is. I didn’t think much of her superdelegate bit last week, though, since the superdelegate system is a stupid system for doing what she said it was doing.

I think with Trump supporters they really went out of their way to find intelligent, thoughtful people who could try to make a good argument for supporting Trump. I’m don’t feel like they did the same with Sanders.

Still, one of her absolute best lines was about Clinton. After a clip of Clinton saying (paraphrasing) “Oh shucks, I never thought I’d be running for president.” it cut back to Bee who simply said: “Oh FUCK off!” She’s not really partisan, she’s actually mean to everybody.


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