Watch: Hillary Clinton drags Trump (who tweets back) in historic speech claiming nomination

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I thought it was a great speech, I don’t get why “they” say she’s not a good speaker.


You know what? The fact that a woman is this close to being President doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me, and that is a good thing.

No, I will never know how it feels, but yes, you should revel in it.

Let’s hope, come November, at least 51% of the voting public understands that governing isn’t a reality TV show, it’s reality.


Fascinating how little content/policy is in US political speeches - mostly emotions and show.

Over here it’s the exact opposite. People would cringe or laugh if a major politician dragged his child on the podium to tell a sob story endorsing his parent.


I thought it was well written, and her delivery was good, but not outstanding. After Michelle Obama’s knock-it-out-of-the-park speech, Barack Obama’s amazing delivery, and Bill Clinton’s speech that was not only fascinating for taking on topics he’s never discussed, but delivered amazingly well, and even Joe Biden kicking ass, the bar was really, really high. She did well, but it was what she said that was notable more than how she delivered it, which is fine by me, but not to everyone.


[quote]Clinton offered hope for the future, a promise of jobs and affordable education and health care for the middle class, and an inclusive vision of America led by its first female president.


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Exactly, I think that’s the issue: she’s not a bad speaker. She’s a fine, solid speaker in a party of outstanding speakers. Just flipping between Michelle Obama and her speeches for a little bit the thing that mostly catches my eye is that Michelle seems a bit more animated to me; better use of her hands, and she varies her tempo a lot more than Hillary does.

The speech is also interesting because she actually got perhaps the most sensible tweets out of Trump I’ve ever seen. He actually managed to get a couple things right, which is saying a lot. Course not all of it in any tweet, but still, baby steps right?


One speculation I heard was that Hillary had to keep the tempo high and the applause gaps short so that the Bernie hecklers wouldn’t be noticeable.

Give him a couple days, if you put him on the spot he can act normal for a few minutes, but he doesn’t have the attention span to stay “presidential” any longer than that.

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I woke up this morning thinking: it’s official, the two major parties are asking us to choose between a woman, and an obvious, unrepentant sexist.


Well, almost immediately afterwards he started talking about how much he wanted to punch Bloomberg and some of the other speakers, so you didn’t have to wait long.


But see, this is the problem with nominating someone as far to the right as Clinton. Trump is currently moving to the left on a variety of issues. He just came out in support of a $10 minimum wage – very un-republican (and it doesn’t matter for a lot of people that the amount HRC pretends to support is higher). On a lot of issues, Trump doesn’t have to travel far to get to the left of Clinton. He has a lot of justified working-class anger to tap further into. A wealthy elitist like Clinton is going to be easy prey for him. I won’t be surprised at all if it turns out that the DNC did themselves in by rigging the nomination against Sanders.


I can’t wait to see the day when the first female president orders drones to blow up babies and old people in the Middle East. Just like the first black president. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. That’s real progress!


I can just imagine Donnie now, fuming, wanting to “slap that bitch” and using every derogatory name he can think of. He got owned all week, and was already slipping, claiming he wanted to punch some of the speakers.

I hate to say it, but he’s going to try to turn the debates into a classic Jerry Springer episode, and it’s not a far fetch to imagine him physically striking Hillary and having to be restrained.


He didn’t “move to the left”, Bill O’Reilly pushed him to name a minimum wage while Trump kept saying he’d leave it to the states - so O’Reilly said “$10?” and Trump agreed to that. There is nothing left-wing about Trump. And he is going to destroy this planet if you elect him. And it is laughable to me that someone can look at the DNC and the Hillary platforms and say they’re right-wing.


For some reason I had to think of an old Roger Waters song:

Breshnev took Afghanistan
And Begin took Beirut
Galtieri took the Union Jack
And Maggie, over lunch one day
Took a cruiser with all hands
To make him
Give it back


The problem with loose cannons is that they don’t move left, nor right, but slide whichever way the deck is tilting.


As if that was indicative of the superiority of European politics. Give me a break. You can trick Americans into believing we’re much better, not much other Europeans. Also, Germans are incredibly emotional about their politics - just not in the same way Americans are.


Nice imagery!


Yes, that HRC is quite the weather vane, isn’t she.


A self-made wealthy elitist, I guess, who arguably got to where she is largely through her intelligence, energy, grit, determination, etc. Hillary and Bill weren’t much to begin with in terms of inherited wealth, unlike Der Donald. And I’m right there with you on a lot of the charges against her, but my lord, really, if she’s an elitist . . . what is Trump?

I’m wondering if some of my to-the-barricades! lefty types will allow of some perspective regarding Hillary.

And let’s say we’ve been right all along: So Hillary is a tribune of the people, a la Rome, a wealthy elitist (!?!) who nevertheless sides with teh poors in order to keep both her status and society intact. That’s leagues better than Trump, who seems to want Marius-Sulla–style proscriptions against all who don’t believe in him, wants all brown people to fear everyone else, openly loves dictators, and on and on. Really, accepting the worst the left can say against Hillary, she’s still so far away a better choice than Trump. Am wondering when all the Marxist knifesharpeners will put their grindstones down for just a minute to realize what’s at stake in the long march toward revolution . . . one of them is at worst a poor help, the other at best an absolute fucking nightmare.