Comparing Trump and Clinton's careers is funny, ironic and sad


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everyone knows trump bad so can we plleease stop pretending clinton good


Wow, that randomizer actually made me want to vote for her instead of just having to vote for her. I’m almost willing to give her a slide on the whole email debacle.


Do we really have to go though another one?


I’m shocked he’s willing to go out in public. It sounds like he’s doing irreparable damage to his business and brand, while exposing himself to all sorts of danger he thought he’d successfully negotiated past – like using his Foundation to fund his misdeeds.


She wasn’t my first pick either but can we also please stop pretending she’s markedly worse than ANYONE who has held the office?

Imagine you had the opportunity to trade Hillary for an additional 4-8 years from any American President, living or dead. How many can you honestly claim would be significantly better? I might go with Carter or a third term from Obama, but that’s about it.


Well said, Sir or Madam.


not markedly worse trhan anyone who has been president of the united states would be a horrible thing to say about most people


Were you complaining about pro-Obama articles in 2008/2012 comparing his record to McCain/Romney?


Rapper Charlamagne tha God on Daily Show yesterday:
“I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton,she has the most experience but she’s trying to prove to America that she can run the country better than a reality show star can. It’s literally like LeBron James trying to prove himself in basketball against Peter Griffin.”


She’s not worse than Nixon or Harding.


I’m getting damned excited about a Clinton presidency. Have you ever heard her speak? Or just heard, yknow, Neil Cavuto talk about her?


boom. this one was my favorite


You know, Bill and Hillary look genuinely happy in that picture. They were a cute couple back in the day.


Did you hear Bill’s speech at the DNC? Have you seen them play with balloons? They are awesome now.


That choice, choice photo, yes. That, in combination with the parallel language in the panels of (paraphrased) “went undercover to investigate discrimination”/“was investigated for discrimination by undercover agents” is so good. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the pairing that inspired the whole project.


I haven’t actually. I do remember lots of pics of them from back in the 90s, where they didn’t always look comfortable together (with good reason). I’d guess they’ve put a lot of shit behind them and are probably on the same page now a days, especially with his illnesses and having grand babbies now (or it’s just one, right).


So basically, you want Jesus to run for office.


How about not someone who has clearly sexual assaulted women and then publicly bragged about it.


I’d go for another term of either Roosevelt, personally.