Trump makes fool of himself with lack of knowledge on Ukraine

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“OK – well, he’s there in a certain way. But I’m not there. You have Obama there.”

WTF does that even mean? This scumbag is just embarrassingly clueless.


Did drumpf just accept putins advances into eastern europe as inevitable?

And somehow blame obama for the whole thing?


Why even ask him about these things, when he’s just gonna have his VP handle everything?



Sad and scary. He’s obviously clueless about the whole situation, so he’s trying, and failing, to do a cold reading on George, by just trying to glean whatever facts he can from the questions, and saying them back as if they were answers.

Contrast this to a recent open forum where someone asked HRC about “the Laos situation”, and she immediately knew what the question was in reference to. Can anyone imagine Orange Hitler being able to do that?


It would seem that Trump has now accepted that Crimea is part of the RF, and thinks there is no Russian presence in Ukraine.

So, OK, he gets his foreign knowledge from rather than Fox News. Presumably the words in the Washington Post or the NYT are all words Trump knows, but the order confuses him.

What could possibly go wrong?


Have a delicious word salad!


This also makes me think that his ‘A’ grade support team may have quietly fucked off in the night a while back, and the megalomaniac convinced himself that he’d be fine without them.


This shit does not matter to Trumpers.


He has a funny way of saying things - but he points out that the Russian speaking areas left with a democratic succession vote - both in Luhansk and Donbass as well as Crimea (as Quebec has tried to do in a couple of votes … that if they hit the numbers in favour that the Crimea vote did - would have legally separated the Canadian Province). The first thing the fascist coup government in Kyiv did was ban dual-language and slaughter a Odessa communist group a short month after grabbing power (with the assistance of the US State Dept and CIA).

We created this monster, and now we’re going to start a proxy war using the fascists of western Ukraine against the Russian speaking people of their own country and Russia? For what? An oil pipeline from Asia? - Or perhaps this is just old attitudes related to anti-communism now morphed to Russia-phobia? One might also consider that the US global economy in such a mess they need to start wars to sustain it with war treasure and new sources of cheap labour and raw materials?

Don’t get me wrong I think this guy is dangerous - but it appears he’s not convinced that the endless wars on whatever, are doing us any good - especially it appears - against a Great Power - which could lead to the end of civilization.


Sad fact, right here.


Can you image him prepping for a debate? When he was supposed to make calls to potential contributors, he got bored after 3 calls and quit. Debate prep takes days of work, and a lifetime of experience. He’ll blow it off, and try to bluster his way through it. Can’t wait to see it.


plain to see

there’s a yearning

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Sadly this is so true.

I had lunch with my sister the other day and all she kept saying was…
“Hillary is a liar and I cannot vote for a liar.”
“I’m voting for Trump because he will bring the change we need.”
“Our economy is completely screwed up and Trump will fix it…everything is so terrible right now.”

I replied…
“Trump lies as much as any politician ever has. and the FBI cleared HRC of any prosecutable wrong-doing.”
“Trump has never ever cared about anyone but himself in his entire life.”
“Our economy is doing very well right now! Have you looked at the Dow and Nasdaq?”

She countered…
“The FBI was forced to say that. It was a fixed investigation.”
“Trump is a humanitarian he gives away tons of his own money.”
“I’m not getting any money out of the markets doing well, thats what he will change.”

sigh People who support Trump just simply do not care about facts. The piece on LWT by John Oliver regarding how the GOP replaces facts with feelings and then states that those are facts is a clear indicator of how utterly brain washed the right wing of our nation is as a whole.


The more that comes out of this guy’s Klein bottle GI tract, the more I look forward to (no, I don’t) the Wall Street Journal’s inevitable cognitive contortionist act they’d prefer to call an endorsement.



and sadly right wingers will say he obliterated HRC in the debate; regardless of the idiocy of anything that comes out of his pie-hole.



Right-wingers: “YEAH! PC IS DEAD!”


This isn’t even word salad, this is word slurry.


That sounds like a product of the Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg. I wonder what they’re paying per post these days. If any of Putin’s comment trolls are reading, a few tips:

  1. While acknowledging that there are far-right elements active in Ukraine politics is fine and effective, calling the coalition that overthrew Putin’s sock puppet a “fascist coup government” or the like is going ridiculously overboard.

  2. If one wants to spread Putin’s FUD to a Western audience or pretend to be a Westerner (“we”), it’s best to use common Western spellings: e.g. “Kiev”, not “Kyiv.”

  3. A good comment troll should pretend to be more even-handed: the West as James Bond villain vs poor innocent Russia is a laughable narrative.

On the plus side, it would be a nice touch to say that one thinks that the Orange Il Duce is dangerous to the U.S. while not saying whether that’s a good or bad thing.

[Edited to remove direct address to m_golloway, who may just be a “truth seeker”]