Listen: Florida congressional candidate losing his shit with a reporter

I don’t know about the politician, but the reporter sounds like an asshole.


Dan Boingo?

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Caesar? Is that you!?

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“Bongino”? Seriously?

  1. Tailor-made for Boingboing! Boingboing anagram = “Big Bongino”
  2. Sounds like a quiz show with gongs instead of buzzers:
    “Which stop-motion animated character lives with his dog at 62 West Wallaby Street?” BONG “I know!”

I’ll see myself out…


If one were Caesar, one would be dictating to one’s secretaries in Latin.

Really, modern politicians lack style, both personal and literary. Julius Caesar and Winston Churchill not only ran successful wartime governments, they wrote books that people chose to read.

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His comment that he’s better informed than reporters because he was in the Secret Service reminds me of Karl Rove’s claim that he was "entitled to THE math".

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Hi, your local election-bot here, reminding you that this is part of why downticket elections matter a whole hell of a lot. Florida’s 19th District is not considered a competitive district currently, as it is very likely that some conservative shitlord is going to inherit Curt Clawson’s Throne of Shame. The district seems to be something of a breeding ground for Republican political operatives, and it seems likely to go to a good friend of union-busting Scott Walker and former Dubbya ambassador to the Holy See Francis Rooney this time around. That said, this is a House election, so it’s entirely likely that a lot of people in the 19th District have no earthly idea who any of these nincompoops are. Hell, I’m actively researching this and I still have no clue who Democratic contender Robert Neeld is, aside from, like, a suspiciously warm placeholder. If anybody reading this happens to live in Florida’s 19th District, you could probably run for office there and have a real shot at winning!

Anyway, if you want to do downticket stuff outside of that lovely district, go to the thread and see what you can do.


I’d never vote for that guy in a million years, but the reporter clearly is the loser in this conversation. He’s snarky, condescending, insulting, etc… he just baits the guy while suppressing his own laughter (eventually he doesn’t even suppress it). He gives journalists and objectivity a bad name.

Caveat: They’re both so horrible, I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. I managed to get to about the 13 minute mark.


Bongingo sounds like some paperback pulp bad guy.




edit: shit, added a sillier letter in my head somewhere. Either way, works with Bongino as well.

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Oh good, two assholes locking horns.

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sure, but only one of those arseholes wants you to pay his wages and medical bills while offering practically nothing in return.


I have recently read an article suggesting that the benefit of the long US electoral cycle is that it stress tests candidates. Dealing with objectionable reporters is just part of the test. If the guy has really been in the Secret Service (not very secret then), he should surely have had to deal with much worse.


Bongino talks about Bongino in the 3rd person!

Oh, I knew I had seen him on CNN defending Trump for something (or maybe a multitude of somethings)!

My metaphor-mixometer is going crazy. In a good way.


If there were more reporters like this, we’d have more honest, capable people running for office and fewer candidates like Bongino.


Big Bongino --> BoingBoing

Say what you will about Mr. Bongino, but his Secret Service-level, weapons-grade “Hey, shut the fuck up!” and “Hey, fuck you!” are excellent.

And it can still get confusing


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