Listen: Florida congressional candidate losing his shit with a reporter


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If a tree falls on a congressman having an affair with an alligator in a business suit over there, is it even news?


One does so dislike people who refer to themselves in the third person. Except Caesar in the Commentaries and, let’s face it, Caesar this guy ain’t.


Carpetbagger in the truest historical sense of the term. He lost the 2012 MD Senate race and the 2014 MD 6th District race so, now, Florida?


Yes, Bongino doesn’t tolerate biased reporters. Ever.

Do you suppose this includes reporters biased in his favor? What an even-handed paragon of rectitude, rejecting any exaggeration of his merits!


reporters like this are one of the many solid reasons honest, capable people don’t go into politics

even if this candidate actually did have a good answer to the question, it was never going to matter


We all know the drill, kids.


Interestingly what really seemed to set Bongino off was questions about the fact that he doesn’t live in the district where he’s running, owns no property in the district where he’s running, and isn’t even a registered voter in the district where he’s running.

When he said “Show me the rule…” he implied residence may not be a requirement for office, but it was still clearly a sore subject for him.


I don’t know…I have family (through marriage) down there and they are okay people. Can’t we just cut off the top part and keep the bottom part (Hawaii East maybe)?


I guess attach the southern parts to the gulf coast by wires? Then let the middle float away?


That works…have to take a ferry to get to the southern part though…or build a LONG bridge/tunnel…


Looks more like a saw to me.


The one thing I always felt the Magic Kingdom lacked was a moat.


Oh look, another Middle School bully physically aged without maturing mentally, intellectually, or emotionally at all.


There is sort of a moat by the castle…but yeah it would come in handy.

We could always turn Florida into Xanth.



That blowhard is also wrong about Florida recording law. You are not required to get consent, if the other party is a police officer or public official.


Same D-Bag. He would appear to be a class act, all around. Here’s hoping he loses, and we don’t have another jerk in Washington.



I don’t know about the politician, but the reporter sounds like an asshole.