New poll shows 64% of Democrats don't want Biden to run in 2024

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LOL 61% of democrats don’t even like him as a person. Talk about a mandate!


I’ll quote myself from a couple of weeks ago.

In regard to this poll, I think a lot of Dems are coming to the conclusion that, for one reason or another, it really isn’t a good idea to have someone of such an advanced age as President.


I don’t want anyone over the age of 65 to run for President.


I didn’t want him to run in 2020, let alone in 2024. The problem is, he’s a liberal, and an old-school liberal at that, so while he’s aligned with the funding arm of the party, he’s nowhere near where the majority of the membership is, as they are more progressive.


I’m fine going a bit older, but at age 75+ no-one deserves to be doing a high-stress job that, in the best case, prematurely ages people who hold it.

He’s a Third Way establishment Dem who vaguely remembers what it was to be an FDR-style fighting liberal. He’s definitely not representative of where the party should be going in the future.


Only in the sense that he’s to the left of Right Wing Extremist Fascism.


He’s roughly in Jimmy Carter territory in approval rating


Jimmy Carter when he was in office territory. Because in 2022, Jimmy Carter’s approval rating is beyond compare.


Yeah, we didn’t really want him in 2020 either. But he got the nomination, and we would have voted for a turnip over Donnie. I’d much rather see someone far younger and far more progressive. Unfortunately, I think he’s going to run and it’ll block anyone else because the centrist old school conservative dems will throw up roadblocks and demand party loyalty.


This is likely to look less like a lining and more like the central question.


Maybe 64% of Democrats don’t want Biden to run, but who are possible alternatives?

Harris is just as unpopular, and has more baggage.
Sanders is even older than Biden.
Warren is over 73 years old now.

AOC maybe? Sherrod Brown maybe? Gavin Newsom?


Stacy Abrams is someone many on the left would be happy to vote for.


Oh, FFS! Seriously? That’s what they don’t like?

“The Economy” is objectively as strong or stronger than anyone age 18 to 64 has ever seen. It still isn’t serving most Americans as well as it should, but that’s not Biden’s fault.

What would be illuminating is if the bulk of the people polled have been successfully brainwashed by the Fox News propaganda about inflation or whether Joe is being pinched by his own centrism; conservatives hating his interventions to raise wages and provide safety nets and working people unimpressed by his half-measures.


There HAS to be a more charismatic, younger, more “progressive” candidate out there. I think Newsom is going to make a run. It might end up being him vs DeSantis. I am open to others.

FWIW, I don’t think he is doing a terrible job, in that most of the issues we have right now are not directly caused by who is the President. He has acted well in response for the most part, but also slow to act in several cases. I dunno… B- for now.


Making the poor decision to have her as vice-president is, as I predicted, coming to bite them on the ass. They should have chosen someone who showed signs of being able to run successfully, and then set them up for it by giving them something substantive that was accomplishable. Instead they chose someone who completely bombed in the primaries and, while I find it hard to judge any veep as it’s most often a thankless job, hasn’t made a great impression, or much of one at all.


Agreed. Biden’s biggest problem is that he seems to be stuck in the age of bipartisanship and is having difficulty adjusting to the Burn It All Down GOP. He’s adjusting, but too slowly.

I’m not a fan of Newsom, either. Too slick and while he’s done well with social policy in California, he’s kinda preaching to the choir there. If he faces resistance, will he cave to please people? I think that hasn’t really been tested.

This is what surprises me. Why has Harris been so quiet? I thought the point of picking her as Veep was to increase her profile for a 2024 run. Instead, it’s made her disappear. She’d have had more exposure in the senate.


He actually WAS one of my favorites in 2012. By 2020, not so much. Warren 2024?

If the majority of Democrats want someone younger and more progressive than Biden, they should then vote for such a candidate in the primaries. As it is, Biden won the primaries handily, proving that he was the favorite of the Democrats who actually showed their preference.


Of course it is invariably the case that my favorite candidates have quit the race before my primary occurs. Just one of the ways our democracy is un-democratic.