Sweaty realdoll Marco Rubio quits Republican race

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The candidate that wasn’t, Rubio.



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It’s not fair to call him a Realdoll, Rubio is much more sophisticated - more like Gigolo Joe.


“Sweaty Realdoll”?

I’d feel less annoyed by this sort of grotesque reference if I wasn’t so certain that a fair number of posters would take a similar comment from our political opponents as proof of their boorish, bullying nature.

I think it is good indication, but I don’t think it depends upon where on the political spectrum you lie.

Surely we can aspire to somewhat better.


Would you say you’re disappointed in BoingBoing?


One more down, two to go.


I don’t care for personal jabs, but this is both topical and relevant. Perhaps not funny for you–and as someone who tries to be funny, I’ve had plenty of jokes not land (hell, ask Millie).

But making fun of a defense hawk, an antropogengic climate change denier, net neutrality adversary, and most importantly a woman’s rights denier, I am not gonna waste my time worrying about his feelings.

@tlwest you and I are still cool. I get what you are saying. But I disagree.


Considering how many insults Rubio and Trump hurled at each other it could be HOURS before Little Marco recants it all and enthusiastically encourages his supporters to vote for that tiny-handed buffoon.


hopefully the final two won’t fall until the republican convention (i.e. he won’t win the nomination outright), whereupon they’ll shaft trump, causing him to run as an independent, fucking the republican party for a decade or more.


Surely we can aspire to somewhat better.


That’s just mean.


Can I tap my foot at you?


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As I recall, the current president was a young, first term senator.

The difference is that he can think and reason, and articulate the conclusions he comes to. Rubio, on the other hand is a robot, mindlessly repeating the same message over and over.

So Rubio LOOKS too young and ACTS too young. Obama, on the other hand, looked and acted mature.

Rubio is doing one thing and only one thing here: political triage. He is on track to lose badly in Florida and he knows it. He’s already given up his chance to run for reelection in the Senate and if he gets shellacked in Florida, there goes his chance of running for governor in two years. He’s out of politics.


Nixon lost a presidential run and then a governor run before he became president.

Not that I think Rubio is another Nixon.

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You know… this is the party that courts racists, seeks to curtail women’s reproductive rights, end marriage rights for LBGQT people, instititute a theocracy, continue and escalate a war that’s already killed too many people, continue tax cuts for the rich, ban some immigrants, etc and so on. Why should I treat these people with respect when they have no respect for many of their fellow human beings? On an individual basis, I’m not going to damn a republican, but the party and the people leading it (including people like Rubio) are as a class really terrible and seek to bring the whole country back to some mythical time that never actually existed, to a time where many of us were not really free. That’s actually not okay. It’s something rebel against and to struggle to see that doesn’t come to pass. These are people who just don’t respect us, the American people and who instead of actually compromising when they lose, instead try to drive the country into a ditch.

I understand what you’re saying, but I struggle to treat people with respect who literally have none for me and many people I care about.


While I won’t use “Drumpf” because it reminds me too much of all the people who call the President “Obammy”, I did get a laugh out of “sweaty realdoll”, I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s because bodily fluids was the one thing keeping me from investing in a Realdoll. If they’ve solved that problem then it’s time to start saving my lunch money (but if it’s only available in the Rubio model, then forget it.)

(Sorry, too “grotesque”?)


“Dangit, Marco! I asked you if you wanted a glass of water before the speech!”


“Pretty boy in a stuffed suit;” that’s how he’s always come across to me. Assemble the usual establishment republican talking points, put them behind a handsome face, and that’s Rubio.

Rob’s description of him is way more entertaining.


You could tell, these last fews days, that the stress was getting to him…he seemed exasperated, in denial that this was happening. Just like Jeb…

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