Iowa State Senator quits the Republican party


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“in its death throes” aww aren’t you just a little optimist

takes long draw from hip flask


I initially read this as ‘changed his affiliation to the No Party’ and was wondering what all the fuss was about.


In its death throes, the Republican Party is a toilet of racist, sexist, misogynistic bullshit.

Trump isn’t a Republican, chief. He’s running as one, but he isn’t one.


Paul Ryan and all the other TeaGOP “kingmakers” are behind Her Drumpf 100%. As of today that is…


Trump isn’t a Republican, chief. He’s running as one, but he isn’t one.

Keep splitting those hairs, chief. Whatever lets you sleep at night, right?


The “no true Republican” argument? He’s the Repub candidate for president. If the party says he’s a Republican, he is one.


Kinda sets the standard for the Republican ideal in this race, right?


Can this election cycle please just kill both of these dinosaur parties?


Then the Greens will finally be viable!

Not that you’d still ever get one of them to wear a tie…


Those two statements are not mutually exclusive.

Trump sees the Republican party as useful to his own ends. He gives money to whomever he thinks will be useful to him, including Democrats. In his worldview, ‘diversification’ doesn’t apply to just stocks and bonds.

In short, he’s an oligarch. He’ll have no trouble fitting in.


Just like Glenn Beck is a Rugged Individualist and not a bog-standard Republican.



From the Party of No to the No Party.

takes a bite of schadenfreude pie


Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.


Similarly Bernie ain’t a democrat


Republican obstructionism got so bad it drove even John ‘This-Will-Not-Stand’ Boehner to increase his already fevered smoking habit when he realized he was now the official Cat Herder of the House. The press characterized his resignation from office as having been pressured by fellow Republicans. The look of relief on his face in the days after suggests a different narrative. Nowadays, it seems, he couldn’t be happier:

On Wednesday [2016 Apr 27], the former speaker gleefully unloaded on Senator Ted Cruz before a crowd at Stanford University, colorfully describing the Republican presidential contender from Texas as “Lucifer in the flesh.”

“I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” said Mr. Boehner, who has made previous disparaging remarks about Mr. Cruz in both public and private, though without comparing him directly to Satan. [source: ‘Out of Office, Ex-Speaker John Boehner Gleefully Releases Mute Button’ (NY Times)]


Ted Cruz reminds me of some estranged family I once had. What a bagadicks.


The Republican Party has changed many times over it’s history, and it’s changing again.

Let’s not forget the congratulations letter from Karl Marx to Abraham Lincoln. There’s no way that would be sent to any Republican from the last 40 years.


But a dinosaur party sounds like awesome fun! Maybe a scene in the next Jurassic Park movie?


The Republican Party is a coalition of diverse factions. For someone who isn’t one of them to get their support is a pretty neat trick.