Marco Rubio melts down on Twitter


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“I have only said like 10000 times I will be a private citizen in January.”

May I be the first in the USA to say thank you very fucking much!


You can take the man out of Florida; but you can never really take the Florida out of Florida Man.


You went there, and justly so.


I hate to give Trump credit but “little Marco” does seem an apt name for someone prone to such childish outbursts.


Trump seems to have that bully’s knack for the catchy nickname. I won’t forget Lyin’ Ted in a hurry.


Yes…and a bully’s intolerance of them when applied to him. Witness his reaction to being called a “Short fingered vulgarian.”


The truth hurts, Stubbie!


I’ve seen this before with this model. Due to memory leaks RoboMarco can become unreliable and needs to be rebooted.


I thought this was an illuminating article about Rubio.


If by melt down you mean a hilarious mocking of the corrupt media establishment, then you would be right.



Welcome to Boing Boing! I hope you’ve got more to add to this forum than a half-hearted defense of Rubio.


I was expecting the crazy. This didn’t seem crazy. Certainly not “Kanyesque”, not by a long shot.

“OK that’s enough for one night. Twitter isn’t something you should rush back into. You have to slowly increase the dosage…”

This does make me think of a story by David Brin (incorporated into his fix-up novel Existence) in which a politician suddenly goes off on a mad tirade. It is revealed that he had developed a physiological addiction to the euphoric effects of spouting off rhetoric, and the simple expedient of a certain sedative is enough to push him overboard in the pursuit of his “high”.


I’d like to see many more Rubio lovers here. This place could use some diversity.


It is not a defense it’s a fact. It was funny, not a melt down. The media is corrupt 99% of what they report is spin to manipulate the masses and keep us divided. Journalist and writers that feed into the narrative of twisting the truth to suit their agenda, are weak and shallow! How’s that for a contribution.


Being a public figure in the 21st century means you (apparently) need to be on Twitter.

But some people just shouldn’t be on Twitter.


There are some grammatical issues and it would be helpful if you have some sources to back up your conclusions.


You’re going to * defend* corporate media?

At best we have a “pox on both their houses” scenario, but Rubio’s tweets are … really tame for a (media defined) “tirade.”

Also, gonna call out Beschizza for the schoolmarmy “drug abuse joke” bit. This from the site that idolizes HST?


I have to agree that this wasn’t much of a meltdown; at least as presented by the BBC.

I will never agree that Marco Rubio is intentionally funny.