Marco Rubio melts down on Twitter


Oh so the media is not corrupt and doesn’t spin stories to suit their agenda, that is so sweet. Hahaha, FoxNews, MSNBC, CNN they are so fair and balanced. Stephanopoulos and Hannity are just presenting the facts and letting you decide. And for the record I could care less about the grammatical errors I make when posting on these forums. I get that it helps those that are insecure to point these things out in order to feel intellectually superior to others but it’s weak.


Hubble Space Telescope?
Harmonized Sales Tax?
Hawaiian Standard Time?

I haz a confuze…


I never said there wasn’t corruption and spin in the media. Please do me the courtesy of not reading into my words things to me I haven’t actually said. That’s almost as rude as your armchair psychoanalysis. In fact I’ve seen examples of those who pay the piper calling the tune. It’s the “99% of what they report is spin to manipulate the masses and keep us divided” that I’d like to see supported.

Is it that widespread and is that really the motive? It’s possible but I hope you’ll pardon me for not just taking your word for it.



Hunter S. Thompson.


Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '16.


High Speed Telegraphy?

Ahh I got it, Hunter Thompson. Imagine a twitter exchange between those two.


Is anything 99%, it’s called an exaggeration a helpful literary technique to emphasize a point that is being made. Lot of books and articles out there on the consolidation of media limiting the free flow of ideas. It is a serious problem and if it continues to be glossed over will likely lead to a further erosion of the bonds that unite the citizenry in this country, limiting the U.S. ability to come up with solutions for fixing the many problems we are presently facing.


It looked a little bananas when Dan Savage posted a screenshot of just a couple of tweets about the gym.

I thought Rubio’s Twitter might have been hacked, and I was somewhat disappointed to find that this was not so.


Never have we needed The Good doctor more than this year’s shenanigans.



What is it with people with simplistic political viewpoints presenting their opinions as “facts”, as if calling an opinion a “fact” proves it? Where does this come from?


Your pedantry is noted, but in the future you might want to avoid combining literary exaggeration with facts. It tends to confuse readers and undermines your argument. That’s a tip I picked up from years of actually studying literature.


Gotta love the academic snooty elite types, their comments are so trite and boring. Oh no was my oxymoronic comment redundant, quick hide me from the grammar police…hahahaha



This is how your comment sounded in my head. “Someone saying something is factually funny is bad, bad, bad, oh where is the humanity!” But I do have a tendency for the dramatic! :wink:


You would be right! :slight_smile:


Honestly I agree.

Boing Boing and Salon often seem to have similar headline authors when it comes to describing internet-based political events. For both, it’s almost always “Elizabeth Warren Demolishes Trump in Epic Twitter Comeback,” or “Cruz Eviscerated by the Most Amazing Samantha Bee Segment Yet”, or “Marco Rubio melts down on Twitter.”

I’m always happy to see said destruction, evisceration or melt-down, and I always leave a little disappointed.*

* Yes, I think I am on the list, thank you.



As opposed to those who are willfully obtuse, entrenched in cognitive dissonance, and/or gleefully ignorant?

That being said, of course the systems by which we live are corrupt, as are the people who run them; that’s kind of a no brainer.