Watch: Marco Rubio is shredded in new GOP ad that shows his hypocrisy on Donald Trump

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“shredded” “GOP ad” I found the use of these phrases in the title confusing.


As I’ve said before, during Il Douche’s reign the GOP establishment demonstrated itself to be a pack of opportunists and cowards. Along with Reek Romney, Rubio is a standout example of the latter group.


Is this another ‘audience of one’ ad?


KKKpublicans will replace him with someone worse, after all thats the GQP/Qnut way.

P.S. what’s with the water drinking issues? It’s like they never had a cup/bottle/glass in their collective hands before…


Little Marco surely deserves everything he has coming to him.


i believe the percentage of times their own words come back to haunt these hacks is hovering at around 100.


Having watched it perhaps 2.

But as an outsider having no ‘skin in the game’ apart from US foreign policy shaping global economics, its a bit frustrating to see this kind of petty political in fighting gaining so much traction and influence.

That is literally the only thing about either of these guys I can relate to. I do public speaking as part of my job, and sometimes when I’m up in front of a big crowd, I have a hard time. It’s like the amygdala is triggered with a minor fight or flight reaction from being up there, and it makes me nervous I’m going to spill or shake or something. More so with those tiny glasses they usually provide, less so with bottles. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I don’t know that the spectacle of Republicans criticizing other Republicans has all that much traction and influence.

And I think it’s great to see such splits amidst a bunch of powerful assholes, who usually unite so well when targeting other less powerful people.


Has IvanKKKa decided to run against Rubio after all?

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