Jill Stein is a fearmongering crank who thinks Wi-Fi harms children's brains

100c doesn’t really matter. What matters is, as you say, “people are trading on the name of homeopathy to make their snake oil sound more legitimate.”

And legitimate or not, there are people who buy the stuff. I think it makes sense to ensure that it at least won’t kill them or make them sick. (Of course I suppose there’s the position that if it DID kill them it’s a win-win … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

And I’m reminded of the adage that modern medicine has a name for herbal remedies that work, it’s called medicine.

Digitalis, aspirin, Vin­cris­tin, statins, dozens of medications are originally plant (or fungus, in the case of statins) based. Often later synthesized, manufactured, tested for concentration, dosage, etc. Many of these herbal remedies (erroneously sold in the homeopathy section) do work, but are unregulated as to strength, dosage, side effects, interactions, impurities…


The books we read here are on paper. We use incandescent old-fashioned Edison base bulbs in our lamps on our bed stands/ night tables/ wooden crates pushed up by the bedside.

Our problem is that since we are all programmers more or less, and since none of us have or use tablets or iPads etc., we are in fact on actual [work] laptops and desktop machines. Dimming things down only goes so far, even when we code with white characters in CLI (or VCLI).

I manage to hit my own bedtime sweetspot by 10p if I stop drinking coffee by 1p as well. I suspect with the young’un here it’s strictly hormones and youthful vigor that keeps him pecking away until his mom hollers lough enough!


My avatar is from the cult film Wizards by Ralph Bakshi, which is “an allegorical comment on the moral ambiguity of technology and the potentially destructive powers of propaganda” with references to Zionism, Nazism, and the work of Vaughn Bode. The image is from a specific scene and carries a specific message, but it’s mostly a recursive taxonomic gag. It is one of the two Avatar avatars on bOINGbOING of which I am aware.

@beschizza, very glad to see a Green Party/Jill Stein topic on BB! Any coverage is better than no coverage!

Unfortunately I am leaving shortly for a couple of weeks offline, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to participate in this discussion, but I do promise to read it all when I get back.

If it turns out that Dr. Stein is courting votes from the tinfoil hat crowd (and this isn’t just another trumped-up purity test like the false characterization of her critcisms of the FDA) I will be disappointed; but as someone else pointed out, she needs all the votes she can get, and as a physician she’d know that medical researchers have never systematically mapped the human response to differing frequencies and amplitudes of broadcast energy. The science is all over the place, and the funding sources seem to have a very high correlation with the results, and politically powerful entities (such as telcos) have opposed taxpayer funding of comprehensive long term study. Instead we have studies of specific syndromes (like cancer) and sources (like wifi) that always seem to reinforce the profit position of the funding source, regardless of whether that’s a greenwashed telco front organization or a radical French organic farming collective.

Personally I believe wifi is harmless, given the low power and frequency hopping, and I think the increased incidence of certain illnesses known to occur near some types of power lines is not due to EMF/RFE but rather to the power and telco companies’ indiscriminate use of powerful herbicides from the 1950s to the 80s. (I didn’t let my kids have cell phones until after puberty for entirely unrelated reasons.)


Not damage from. Attitudes about. Assumptions about. Don’t oversimplify my position.

No. You have the sequence of events quite wrong. The US started supplying the USSR for cash in mid-41, they joined Lend-Lease around October, Germany declared war in December 1941, partly of course because the US was supporting the UK and the USSR.
Incidentally the decision to support the UK was by no means obvious. The traditional ally of the US in Europe is France, not the UK (War of Independence, Napoleonic Wars, and in 1917 the US came to the aid of France, not Britain.) Once France had surrendered and done a deal with Hitler, the US had no particular reason to support a hopeless war. The decision was to a degree on ethical grounds - Hitler’s Germany was a wicked state run by wicked people.

No, the point I’m making is this, since it obviously needs hammering:

USSR - cruel dictatorship, but with an official philosophy which was benign, preaching equality of the whole human race and looking forward to an end to conflict. Some Russians wrote after the denunciation of Stalin of how they fought in WW2 because they knew Stalin’s government was evil but they hoped their children would live to see true communism.
Germany - cruel dictatorship with a cruel and evil official philosophy of German supremacy and the inferiority of most of the rest of the world.

US business didn’t care about the distinction, but FDR saw it very clearly.

2016 US election:

Democrats - deeply flawed candidate, but a party whose official philosophy is benign, being based in equality.
Republicans - deeply flawed candidate whose views are those of large numbers of his party, many of whom believe in the superiority of white men over everybody else, and in the inferiority of the rest of the world, and who want increased inequality.

I’m not doing a Godwin and saying a vote for Trump is like voting for Hitler, I am just saying that there are uncomfortable parallels, and that most people think FDR made the right call. He could have done a deal with Hitler, after all.


I know I’m late to the game, but here’s the usual link for people who are interested in getting progressive work done in all of the OTHER elections happening in November.


Thanks, it’s encouraging to see actual left-wing action going on beyond the Whole Foods shopping and Internet petition crowd.


No. no, no nonononono.

The Greens are the only party making enough noise about climate change.

If they start peddling woo, they’ll undermine their own reputation, as well as the perceptions of the important causes, such as climate change, that they bring up.

I’ve read the Green Party platform, and it seems the sanest of any of them, but that anti-science woo-peddling would make me seriously think twice before casting my vote their way. If even a few percent of the population are like me, it’s likely losing them as many votes as it’s gaining, and casting a poor light on their other causes.


The guess is that they’re grossly pandering to every idiot that they can find in order to get enough votes for federal support.

Is that insincerity better than sincerely believing what’s in the platform?

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“217 unread comments”


Yes, as I said, I saw the film in the 70s (and often since then)…


That has nothing to do with the cell transmission/wireless, and everything to do with how energy works. An individual is using an electronic device that heats up when it uses more power, like when it’s transmitting signal, which dissipates the heat into the surrounding area, like one’s hand which is cupped against the heated object, keeping even more of the warmth next to their face. One will notice that if the phone is sitting a few inches away, and not being cupped with a hand, one should not experience that problem - which would still exist if it were the transmitting radiation, and not simply heat being generated by an electronic device’s power consumption, as all devices do in some form.

One would experience a more extreme version of this phenomenon if they held a toaster against their head, which works on the same principles.


And add in the early batteries when cell phones were first becoming ubiquitous that would get quite warm compared to current ones.


He probably didn’t read my reply further down the page.

But hopefully this little side topic will encourage some of you to check out the weird genius of Ralph Bakshi.

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It’s the classic retort to people who say all the information is in, when it is not. It’s the classic retort by those in a rush, often to profit.

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And FYI, Nixon created the EPA. Stop being full of it. He was one of the most environmentally progressive presidents of the last 50 years.

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Elven maidens with boobs! Mutants! Nazi Mutants!


What? Do you think Harvard grads shit gold, too? Harvard studies aren’t all the cream of the scientific crop. People screw up, the same publishing politics are in place, funding is a primary concern, etc. Harvard also has mediocre people working for it, like everywhere else. Just like any other institution there are people who rise to their level of incompetence.

Say hello to the argument from authority fallacy for me.


There’s a difference between blackbody radiation and RF warming, though go ahead and assume it must have been the former if you like, this thread is so yesterday. :slight_smile:

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